Simplify Your Life – Lifestyle Liquidation

by Jason on May 28, 2009

How far would you go to get rid of your debt?

Would you sell your stuffed baboon?

Take a look at one couple’s desperation attempt to pay off their liabilities.

What saddened me after watching this video was imagining the sacrifices this couple may have made to acquire their possessions.

The fleeting happiness they received from these items have now brought them suffering, stress and sorrow.

Although this video is about the growing trend of lifestyle liquidation sales by the ultra rich where they sell anything and everything to pay off debt and reduce expenses, I couldn’t help but think about the early Christians mentioned in Acts 4 who sold their land and houses and brought the proceeds to the apostles to give to the needy.

Lifestyle liquidations, if you will, for the good of the kingdom.

What if Christians simplified their lifestyles and positioned themselves to give more to the poor and needy? What an amazing testimony we could have if we lived with a loose grip on our money and possessions.

Lifestyle Liquidation

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