June 2009

9 Tips to Save Money on Gas Without Buying a Hybrid

Personal Finance

If you’re looking for more ways to save money – Check out 10 Money-Saving Tips to Stash $10,000! The price of oil has steadily increased for the past few months.  Saving money on gas doesn’t mean you need to run out and buy a new hybrid.  Here are nine things you can do right now to save […]

The ABC’s of Credit Scores – 5 Tips to Improve Your Mark


Fix Your Credit Score By Applying These Tips! With credit playing “hard to get” during this most recent economic downturn and lenders raising their standards for doling out cash, it’s more important than ever to boost your odds of getting a loan with a good credit score.   Here are five tips to help fix your credit score and give you a greater […]

Money Isn’t Everything, But…


I was at a recent business networking event and during a conversation with a group of people the topic of money came up.  An older, successful businesswoman said, “Money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen!”  Everyone chuckled and seemed to agree wholeheartedly.  I didn’t say anything, but in my head I thought, “This is a […]

Would You Forgive Bernie Madoff?

True Wealth

Mr. Madoff has committed a crime against humanity considering all the lives he has wrecked along with charities he destroyed.  He should be made to pay for his wicked deeds.”  He ought to be able to look forward to just exactly what he has done to us. No hope, no future, and no forgiveness” These are […]

5 Mistakes People Make With Their Credit Cards


Your debt may be costing you more than you realize especially if you are making these 5 mistakes. Paying off your debt is a battle you can win by bypassing these blunders:

Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Win the Lottery?


Did you ever play that game where you imagined you won the lottery or came into a large sum of money and daydreamed about all the things you would do with it?  I know I have.  I thought about the house I would buy, the car I would drive, the charities I would give to […]

How to Make a Budget


Few things can make people’s skin crawl like the idea of creating budgets. If you are unsure where your money goes each month or wonder why you never seem to get ahead, a budget might be a good tool for you. Budgets conjur up feelings of kissing your freedom and your fun goodbye, and some people […]

How Much Should You Tip a Bad Waiter?

Personal Finance

There have been some interesting discussions in the Personal Finance blogosphere this week centering on how much we should tip a waiter or waitress who gave bad service or had a poor attitude. I didn’t realize this was such a hot topic and one that invokes a range of strong emotions and opinions. This got […]

Avoiding Financial Hell (Part 1)

True Wealth

A few months ago I was asked to speak about the topic of money at a workshop for the Young Adults group at my church.  I taught through 1 Timothy 6:6-20 and made the point that what you do with your money or desire to do with it has the power to send you to […]