Friday Finance Round Up – July 24, 2009

by Jason on July 24, 2009

Friday Finance Round Up is a weekly post that includes interesting articles and blog posts on money found during the week from across the web.

This week’s articles include topics on financial checklists for parents, how to give when you don’t have extra money, letting contentment be a guiding principle for your finances, protecting your Facebook identity online and an extreme case of frugality – the guy who lives with no money.


395917469_115956c646Financial Checklist for New Parents – Bargaineering

As a Dad of two myself, the first few weeks of having a new child can be daunting.  This is a great list to help you remember the important financial things that should be done.


Photo Credit UnknownExtreme Personal Finance: Daniel Suelo “The Man Without Money” – Get Rich Slowly

Talk about extreme!  This guy has been living without money since 2000.  Call it simplicity, genius or just plain nuts, you make the call.



965593279_f1e0e6e0c0No Extra Money to Give? Ways to Help Without Money – Out of Debt Christian

Many people say they don’t have any extra money to give away, but they don’t search out opportunities to give of their time, talent or other resources.  Alison offers up some great ideas to be generous in tough economic times.



Photo by: adwriterContentment: A Great Financial Principle – Personal Finance By the Book

Joe Plemon offers a great post by showing us that contentment in the Lord is a foundational principle to making wise money decisions.  Happiness is not derived from accumulating stuff, it’s found when we are content in the Lord.


thumbnailProtect Your Identity Online: Facebook a Social Hackers Dream – FiscalGeek

If you haven’t looked at your Facebook profile or settings lately, you may want to read this post and determine if you need to change some things.



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