August 2009

What a Cow, a Red Box and Hair Clippers Have in Common


If you’ve ever played the game Tri-Bond, you know the object of the game is to find the common link among three items. So what’s the common link among these three?

Remembering The Source

True Wealth

Are you proud and self-sufficient when it comes to your money? We need to remember the source.

Friday Finance Round Up – August 28, 2009

Round Ups

This week’s Round Up features posts discussing the average retirement savings by age, ruining Facebook friendships, States with the most underwater mortgages, the final numbers on Cash for Clunkers and a price comparison of 10 sandwiches.

Should You Loan Money to Friends or Family?

True Wealth

It’s always a tough position to be in. Someone you love is asking for financial help, but should you really loan money to your friends or family?

The Rich Young Man

True Wealth

What are you relying on to inherit eternal life? Are you like the Rich Young Man?

Friday Finance Round Up – August 21, 2009

Round Ups

This week’s Round Up includes posts about the hidden costs of debt, how to make money on ebay, credit score changes, the backlash against AARP and a link to the disturbing site “US Debt Clock”.

If You Want to Get Ahead, Stop Taking This Path!


What’s the difference between those who get ahead financially and those who don’t? One avoids this path and the other doesn’t.

Who Can You Count on For Retirement?

Retirement Planning

The government, your employer or yourself? Who do you count on for your retirement?

The Paradox of Giving

True Wealth

These posts are designed to offer Biblical insights into money and finances straight from the Word itself.  I like to include the ESV Study Bible notes as well for further reflection.  This weekend’s passage comes from Proverbs 11:24: One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. […]

Friday Finance Round Up – August 14, 2009

Round Ups

This week’s Round Up includes posts on the Housing Boom and Bust, money saving tips for back to school shopping, debt consolidation loan: a good idea?, become a millionaire while eating your lunch and tips to help resolve medical billing errors.

Increase Your Cash Flow: Turn Your Hobby into a Business

Personal Finance

When you get right down to it, there are only two ways to get ahead financially – reduce expenses so you spend less than you make; or increase your income so you make more than you spend.  This post will look at the latter, specifically turning your hobby into a business. According to, a hobby […]

The Fruit of Faithful Finances


Are comfort, stability and security that comes from becoming debt free bad things? Maybe it depends on what you do with the money. Find out the real fruit of faithful finances.