October 2009

Welcome to Redeeming Riches!

True Wealth

Welcome to Redeeming Riches! I hope you take some time to look through the site.  Be sure to check out some of my featured posts located in the carousel on the front page. Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition I’m excited about the transformation that Redeeming Riches has undergone.  This has been a collaborative effort with Joe Porter […]

Why You Need a Larger View of Your Money (And So Do I)

True Wealth

This past weekend at my church, pastor Steve Dewitt,  passed on some spiritual lessons he learned while on a recent trip to China. He shared a story of a conversation he had with a pastor of an underground Christian church. Steve asked this man about the persecution for being caught as a Christian in China and […]

How to Protect Your Important Documents

Personal Finance

Wouldn’t you agree it’s easy to forget the simple things in personal finance? Many of us spend a lot of time keeping our finances in order, making sure we have enough saved for retirement, sacrificing to keep our budget on track and working hard to make a comfortable life for our families. But sometimes we […]

Friday Finance Round Up – October 9, 2009

Round Ups

This Round Up includes posts on what the Government’s credit score would look like if we could measure it, investing rules of thumb and attributes of the perpetually broke!

Saving Your Finances in 50 Words or Less


Sometimes less is more! Think about it. What’re your greatest memories? My most memorable times are ones with people I love and enjoy spending time with. Time to simplify? Spend less money on toys and more time with friends and family. Sometimes less is more  – even a blog post! Thoughts?

7 Ways to Make Your Money Go Further

Saving Money

Most of us work extremely hard for our money, yet the way in which we go about spending it suggests it’s not really all that valuable to us at all. Whether we’re buying insurance without considering the best deal or leaving the lights on in the house, we are literally giving away our hard earned […]

Should You Buy Accidental Death Insurance?


Wouldn’t you agree that it seems like everyone is offering some sort of Accidental Death insurance these days? Examples of coverage from an Unum AD&D policy Unum offers $250,000 in coverage for $10 a month. It defines “accidental death” as “the loss of life caused solely by external, violent, and accidental means and not contributed […]