5 Awful Truths About Money

by Jason on November 3, 2009

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What could be so awful about money?  The world runs on it, you work for it, you purchase goods with it.

But you and I both know that personal finance isn’t always “pie in the sky”.  Money can be used for great things, but it can also cause tremendous heartache when misused and abused.

Here are five awful truths that – although annoying – can actually do us some good if we remember these in our personal finance adventures.

1. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Did I cause you to break out into a little Rolling Stones melody here?

OK – so if Mick Jagger knew there were limits to excess then surely we need to realize that we can’t completely over-spend  and live without personal constraints.

The bottom line is that we can’t always get what we want and you know what?  That’s good.  It is perfectly OK that we can’t – occasionally we need reminders that it’s sometimes best that we don’t.

2. Personal Finance Is Your Responsibility

Aww man, you’re telling me that my personal finances won’t get straight by themselves?  Are you telling me that my parents, or the government or rich uncle Joe won’t always be here to help me out?

Yes!  That’s exactly what I’m telling you.  Awful isn’t it?  The government is not meant to provide handouts to everyone.  Sometimes we need to hear the hard truths and realize that we should step it up and accept responsibility for ourselves.

3. The #1 Enemy Is Yourself

We so often fall prey to thoughts like:

If my boss hadn’t glossed over my performance I would’ve gotten my raise and I wouldn’t be in this financial mess.


If that company my co-worker told me to buy stock in hadn’t gone bankrupt I would’ve been able to pay off my credit cards!

Or perhaps this one more recently:

If my credit card company hadn’t raised rates to outrageous levels then I wouldn’t have to skip this months payment and ruin my credit score!

Don’t fall victim to the mentality that your financial misfortune is caused by others.

If we look at the root of why many of us never get ahead financially it’s because of US!  We are our own worst enemies and we so often make the same dumb mistakes over and over again.

Realizing that we are public enemy #1 and not other people is helpful in getting ahead for good!

4. Managing Your Finances is Hard

Personal money management requires work.  There’s no simple way around it.

But generally every good thing comes with a bit of blood, sweat and tears.  Most often the money we make without work is less satisfying.

Managing your fianances is hard.  It will take some tremendous sacrifice, diligence and self-discipline to get ahead, but it is so worth it.

5. Managing Your Finances is Easy

Wait!  What?  Yes, you read that right. It is hard and it is easy all in one and that’s what makes it an awful truth.

The fact is that when you boil it down to the basics – spend less than you make, save money and give – it doesn’t get much easier than that.

The easy things are sometimes the hardest to do – and yet we know we should do them.

Hopefully these awful truths serve as a great reminder that personal finance can be a frustrating and hard game, but one that can be one when we realize what we’re up against.

What are some other awful truths you’ve come to realize in  your own personal finance journey?

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