Friday Finance Round Up – Financial Foul Edition

by Jason on November 13, 2009

Photo Credit: Heaven's Gate

Ever wish you could have a financial “re-do”? We probably all have one or two things in our past where we wish we could go back and do it all over again. One of my major financial mistakes is retold over at My Next Buck.

Brian was gracious enough for me to share my experience of buying my first brand new car with a giant balloon payment at the end in his Financial Foul Up Series. Check it out.

This Week’s Links

Healthy Online Banks – Jim Wang over at Bargaineering takes a look at some healthy online banks as an alternative to your regular brick and mortars.  I didn’t realize until after reading the post that there have been 145 bank failures since the start of the credit crisis!

How Much Does Your Debt Cost – Matt Jabs tackles this one over at Five Cent Nickel.  After calculating how much his debt was costing him he used that as motivation to knock it out!  He challenges readers to do the same! 

Does Saver’s Remorse Exist? – Bob at Christian PF looks into ING’s tagline – “There’s No Such Thing as Saver’s Remorse” and shares his two cents.

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