Friday Finance Round Up – Black Friday Edition

by Jason on November 27, 2009

I’m wondering how many people really know why they call it Black Friday!?

If you’re one of those that are unsure, but too afraid to ask – the reason is this:

Retailers hope this is the day people spend like crazy so they can go from being in the red to being in the black!  Hence – Black Friday!

Here are the best of the best this Thanksgiving week on the Black Friday edition of the Round Up!

5 Things You Shouldn’t Buy This Black Friday – Wise Bread

This is a great post by Adam Baker from ManvsDebt!  Just some real practical advice to keep your spending in check this holiday season. 

Setting Values Oriented Goals – Bible Money Matters

Jason Price from OneMoneyDesign tackles this great topic!  This post is a great reminder to not just set financial goals or monetary goals, but to make sure those goals are values driven and by doing so you increase your odds of achieving them!

9 Ways to Give Even When Times are Tough – Get Rich Slowly

Brian from My Next Buck gives some good ideas on giving and having a heart of compassion even though we’re in a tough economic climate.   Lot of good ideas here.

Guest Post

I had the privilege to guest post over at Frugal Dad this week.  Check out my post called “5 Four-Letter Words You Should Be Using in Personal Finance“. 

This post won’t teach you any new vocabulary words to use when your accounts are down, but it will challenge you with some simple guidelines to help in your everday personal finances! 

In case you missed ’em

In case you missed posts from this week, check these out:

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3 Simple Rules to Curb Your Credit Card Use

What is True Wealth

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