How to Alter Your Finances by Becoming a Change Agent

by Jason on December 9, 2009

A whole presidential campaign was built on it;  organizations are constantly undergoing it; and many people want and need it.

In a word, it’s change.

It’s easy to talk about and desire, but why is it so difficult to change our finances?

 Why Change Is Hard?

At the core of our being most of us realize  that not everything is right with us – and we need to change.  Yet, most of us who are honest enough to admit will say it’s so hard to do.

Even though we know we need it oftentimes, many of us fear change, we don’t like to do it because it gets us out of our comfort zones and stretches us to break bad habits or certain ways of handling things.

It’s hard because it takes work!

What is a Change Agent

According to wikianswers – a change agent is:

“an event, organization, material thing or, more usually, a person that acts as a catalyst for change. In business terms, a change agent is a person chosen to bring about organizational change.”

A financial change agent is a catalyst – someone who invokes change – a person who makes a difference when it comes to their money!

Perhaps you’ve had enough with your personal finance situation and you want to stop  spending more than you make, pay down debt and get yourself in a position to give and save more…it’s time to become a change agent!

How to Become A Financial Change Agent

So how do you actually become a change agent?  Here’s some practical guidelines to help:

1. Humbly admit you need change

Why do we often wait until things are so desperately bad to admit that we need to change?

Instead, if we would just humbly acknowledge that something is wrong early enough we could do so much to ward off most of the damage that’s being done to our personal finances.

A catalyst for change recognizes that there is a need to change and is not afraid to admit and seek an alternative direction.

2. Throw off the excuses

If you really want to change, get rid of excuses.  This is key to becoming a change agent.  Allow nothing to stand in your way.

I’m reminded of a verse in the Bible that talks about persevering through this life and it says to throw off every weight (Hebrews 12:1).  Everything that hinders you, should be tossed aside.  Get rid of the excuses and get focused.

3. Focus your efforts with intensity

You need to be laser focused in your efforts to change.  Gazelle like intensity is the way Dave Ramsey puts it when referring to getting out of debt.

For an example and some motivation, look to my friend Matt Jabs over at Debt Free Adventure, who has proclaimed often that he and his wife WILL FIGHT to reach financial goals they’ve set before them!

4. Prepare mentally for the ups and downs

Look, no one said breaking bad money habits, or getting rid of debt or altering your lifestyle is going to be easy.

The fact is it will be hard – but it’s worth it.  Any worthy goal is hard and requires hard work and with that comes peaks and valleys.

There will be days you don’t feel like dealing with your situation any more, or days you’d rather go on a spending splurge than have the discipline to say no.

Be prepared that those days will come – that way when they do you can handle them correctly and not fall back into the old way of doing things.

How about you?

What are some ways you’ve become a change agent?  What has your battle been like to overcome areas in your life that needed altering?

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