PF Bloggers Share Their Top Financial Resolutions for 2010

by Jason on December 30, 2009

December is usually a reflective time of year, wouldn’t you agree?

The end of the year is a chance to look back at our successes and failures throughout the year and also gives an opportunity to look at what we’d like to change.

I like to make New Year’s resolutions as well.

Although I don’t keep them all, it’s fun to look back and see which ones I did keep.

I think it’s important to set goals and make plans – it’s what helps us get and stay on track.

Did you ever wonder what a Personal Finance Blogger might have as their financial resolution?

I have – so I hit the Twitter Streets again to ask this question:

What is your top financial resolution for 2010?

Here’s the responses I received:

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Enemy of Debt ( @EnemyofDebt)

We are really wanting to complete our Fully Funded Emergency Fund of $15,000.

Nothing provides financial security like having an emergency fund in place. This fund is very important to us because having this it will mean that we can move on to two other very important financial goals we have—which will be to fund our retirement with gazelle intensity and fund our children’s college funds. One goal leads to another.

Here’s to a prosperous 2010 for us all!

Out of Your Rut ( @OutofYourRut)

Reducing expenses, building savings and paying off debt. We don’t have much in the way of debt, but even a little is irritating (or worse!)

Bible Money Matters ( @MoneyMatters)

My financial resolution for 2010 is to get my financial life a bit more organized, and to practice what I preach on my blog.  Within the past couple months my wife and I found out that we are expecting our first child, and that has really made me realize that I need to practice what I’ve been writing about when it comes to getting life insurance, setting up investment accounts now that we’ve fully funded our 8 month emergency fund, and putting together a set of instructions for my wife in case I were to die or become incapacitated.  Now that we are no longer going to be a dual income with no kids family, it’s time to get organized and motivated!

Consumerism Commentary ( @Flexo)

Continue doing things I enjoy and enrich my life.

Green Panda Treehouse ( @Green_Panda)

My goal for 2010 is invest at least $3k into my Roth IRA

Debt Free Adventure ( @MattJabs)

My top New Year’s Resolution is to pay off all high interest debt and build my Emergency Fund up to $20,000.  While doing this I also hope to accomplish my move to full-time PF blogger before 12/31/2010.

Miranda Marquit – Freelance PF Writer ( @MMarquit)

Refinance the house. Rates are low and we could [get] a 15 year mortgage for a little more than we are paying now, saving us big $$$!

Get Rich Slowly ( @jdroth)

To be honest, I don’t have a PF resolution for 2010. I’m explicitly NOT setting a financial goal this year.

Everyday Finance ( @EverydayFinance)

My 2010 res is to continue to derive savings from 2010 fixed costs in our family and increase top line via blogging.

Wealth Pilgrim ( @NealFrankle)

Honestly, get my blog to earn a certain income (won’t disclose) so I can justify my time.

Money Funk ( @MoneyFunk)

To surpass snowball plan by $5000 because I am eager to get out of debt and travel the world!

Good Financial Cents ( @JeffRoseCFP)

We’re in the middle of completion of our new home and we’ve seen our emergency fund dip below the 12 month of monthly expenses mark that we like to have.  Our goal will be able to get it back to our comfort zone, in addition I’ll be hoping to sock away as much as we can into my SEP IRA.   I like the idea of having a nice portion in cash and another working for us towards retirement.

Deliver Away Debt ( @DeliverAwayDebt)

Pay off my 2nd mortgage which totals $24,000. I want to pay it off next in my Snowball because I’m paying 12.75% on the dang thing. That is the highest interest rate of all my debts.

I’m going to follow the 75/25 rule (by Matt Jabs). The 75/25 rule says that 75% of all available debt snowball funds will be put toward the debt snowball. The extra 25% will be used to fund (with CASH) other savings goals. I want to double my Emergency Fund to $2,000, Fund a $1,000 vacation fund, and begin my Wife’s new used car fund.

One Money Design ( @OneMoneyDesign)

This coming year is an exciting one for us. We will become debt free except our mortgage by paying off our final car loan. We are already living out how paying off debt can free up additional money to meet financial goals such as snowballing debt and growing an emergency fund. It has also provided extra resources to allow us to give more when we feel called to do so.

The emergency fund has been a difficult area for our family over the past few years. It seems each year something comes up that uses up much of it. We are grateful this system works as without our emergency savings we’d be facing credit card debt. So in general, the next goal will be building the emergency fund more to the point of further protection.

Change Jar Saving ( @ChangeJarSaving)

Pay off the credit cards!  And have no more bills hanging over my head.

Upper Valley Mom ( @UpperValleyMom)

Move to a envelope system and budget that husband and I can both work with, in order to get some traction.

Being Frugal ( @Lynnae)

Pay off my student loan, because that’s the last of my debt, besides the house.

Ducks and Dollars ( @skduck2003)

Pay off 4 loans (1 auto, 3 student) & increase savings in an effort to reach financial freedom!

Financial Highway ( @MoneyHighway)

We are just changing priorities from saving to paying off Student loan so main goal is to reduce student debt (only debt we have) by 40-45%.

Linsey Knerl from Wise Bread  ( @WiseBread)

My top resolution (Linsey Knerl) is to give more in 2010. I feel so blessed, and I would love to see my blessings help others.

SF Personal Finance Examiner ( @UpsideofMoney)

To take my own advice.  For example, I handle my son’s Roth IRA account and I’ve built it the right way from the start; I’ve used textbook-classic investing and he’s up 56% this year. My own Roth account is only up 23%, has a hodgepodge of mutual funds, and needs a good dusting. And of course my son is only 17 with a time horizon of 45 years, and I am looking at retiring in the next ten. 😉

 Thrifty App ( @ThriftyApp)

Try something frugal each month that I haven’t been able to bring myself to do.  January=handkerchiefs. We’ll see…

Fiscal Fizzle ( @FiscalFizzle)

At the top for 2010 is getting serious about retirement. It’s been on the backburner for too long and I’m losing time.

Credit Goddess ( @CreditGoddess)

Start a home improvement fund. Bought a house in 2009 & want to make some changes.

Foreigners Finance ( @ForeignerFinan)

3 quality posts a week for 52 weeks to prove to myself and my readers I can continue to create solid content.

Steadfast Finances ( @Matt_SF)

I’m hoping to beat the @LendingClub ROI of 9.6%. If I can, I’ll scale up my pilot portfolio.

Centsible Life ( @CentsibleLife)

My top resolution is to continue to increase our earnings every month. More money=out of debt faster!

Small Steps For Big Change ( @SS4BC)

To be debt free? Why? Well shouldn’t that be evident? =)

Rainy Day Saver ( @RainyDaySaver)

To finish paying off our credit card debt and add extra principal payments to the mortgage

Erica.Biz ( @EricaBiz)

My personal finance resolution is to make 6 figures in 2010 selling my products from my blog! I’ll use that money to save for a house.

Personal Finance Notebook ( @patreniaspears)

A goal for 2010 is to fully fund our emergency fund.

Free From Broke ( @FreeFromBroke)

My resolution is to keep looking at my life and see what I can do to improve it everyday.

Arohan’s Investing Life ( @Arohan)

I want to start and grow a new business in 2010 to a level that allows my wife to quit her job and raise our kids.  So I am looking to generate new income stream and improve family time.  This way she can also work part time if she wants.

I also plan to payoff the only non-mortgage debt we have (personal loan, about 20K).

Kingdom First Mom ( @KingdomFirstMom)

To practice what I preach (use coupons effectively, pay off debt, build savings)

My Money Power ( @myMoneyPower)

My PF Res is to Be Happy.  A positive outlook can make a big impact in your finances. There are studies showing depression leads to spending.

Financial Samurai ( @FinancialSamura)

1) Earn $1 million bucks, 2) Win a minor tournament like the SF Tennis Open, and 3) Meet 36 new people, or 3 a month!

 Money Help For Christians ( @MH4C)

This year are goal to save enough extra money each month so we can pay off our mortgage 12 years early.

What About You?  What is Your Top Financial Resolution for 2010?

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