January 2010

This Week in Personal Finance – January 29, 2010


Another week “in the books”.  I can’t believe it’s almost February already. This was a fun week on R2 – if you didn’t check out my mom’s guest post on marriage you should! Anyways, This Week in Personal Finance takes a look at interesting articles, posts and news from the past week in the personal finance […]

How to Keep Spouses From Growing Apart

True Wealth

Below is a guest post from my Mom! My mother is a Mentor Mom for a MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) group at church and they asked her to give her insights on the question of how to keep spouses from growing apart.  I thought I’d post what she wrote. I know what you’re thinking – “Wait […]

5 Common Misconceptions About Life Insurance


A few weeks back I tackled this annoying topic by discussing four questions you should ask before you buy life insurance. I was honestly surprised at the popularity of that post – so I decided to tackle the annoying topic AGAIN!  This time to help clear up some common misconceptions that are out there regarding life insurance. We […]

Are Humans Programmed to Fail Financially?

Personal Finance

Technology is changing the world and personal finance at an unbelievable rate. Remember when tracking your spending involved pen and paper, now we have website that does it automatically. It is to the point where we don’t have to do anything, but continue spending as we normally do. But even with all this technology many […]

This Week in Personal Finance – January 22, 2010

Personal Finance

What a week.  We closed on our house last week and are still living with many unpacked boxes – but that’s OK, it’s just great to be in and sleeping there! It’s been hard to post this past week since I didn’t plan ahead and have my internet hooked the day we moved in – […]

Why Busyness Is Eroding Your True Wealth

Personal Finance

Ask 100 people how they’re doing and count the number of times they say, “Busy!”. Busyness seems to have become some sort of idol in our culture. But why are we so busy? Many times it’s because we work insane amounts of hours every week – why?  Just so we can get ahead. But does building your earthly kingdom […]

How to Help in Haiti

True Wealth

Many of us are still processing the devastating news heard last week about the earthquake in Haiti and the hundreds of thousands of lives it has affected. It’s hard for me to imagine going through something like that. This past weekend, as I was getting the final details of our new house squared away, getting […]

This Week in Personal Finance – January 15, 2010


Today’s the big day! We are finally closing on our new house. We started the building process back in August of ’09, moved into the inlaws basement and recently have been frantically trying to get a bunch of little things done so we can keep our closing date. We locked in our rate back in […]

What is The Real Cost to Skipping Your Credit Card Payments?


Times are tough! Income is down, expenses are up and cash flow is tight. It’s very tempting to skip out on a debt payment or a credit card bill to help free up the cash flow a bit, but are you sure you realize the impact that decision will have on your credit score? The Spend […]

Credit Card Rewards Duel: Knight Rewards vs Challenger Avoid

Credit Cards

It is an epic battle, one waged since the dawn of time…well not quite that long, but the battle between credit card rewards and credit card debt is one which polarizes people the world over. But today we end it with a duel – en guard! The Strengths of Knight Reward Knight Reward is often accused […]

Are You Holding a Retirement Time Bomb?

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401ks have been around for years and have been an ever increasingly popular way to save money for retirement. More and more businesses run some type of deferred contribution plan and they are a great way to attract and retain key employees. 401ks are great from an employee standpoint because they are relatively quick to […]