How to Help in Haiti

by Jason on January 19, 2010

Many of us are still processing the devastating news heard last week about the earthquake in Haiti and the hundreds of thousands of lives it has affected.

It’s hard for me to imagine going through something like that.

This past weekend, as I was getting the final details of our new house squared away, getting our stuff moved in and setting things up for us to settle in – I couldn’t help but think that these folks in Haiti have lost everything!

And here I am, sitting back in my comfy chair and trying to write about personal finance and realizing that at some point we’re all going to face the end of the road. 

And what’s going to matter most at that time?  Our houses, our cars, our emergency funds, our brokerage accounts and our Roth IRAs won’t matter one bit!

What will matter is whether or not we layed up treasure for ourselves or if we were rich toward God!

How to Help

I found this on Moody Radio’s (a Christian radio station based out of Chicago) website.


Use the following prayer points as a guide when remembering the people of Haiti in prayer.

  • For survivors to be found quickly and receive health care.
  • For the availability and distribution of relief supplies including food, water and medical supplies.
  • For the safety and health of the relief workers.
  • For the needs of the injured, newly orphaned and homeless.
  • For immediate needs including security, food and water, health care and shelter.
  • For long term needs including rebuilding the communications, electrical and transportation infrastructure and rebuilding the government and economy.


The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability maintanes a database of reputable charitable organizations that are providing aid during the Haiti crisis. For more information go to the ECFA Web site.

How About You?

What are some ways you are helping out in Haiti?

My wife and I are giving to our local church, which is partnering with World Relief to provide humanitarian aide.

Additionally, Bethel provides a couple more prayer points worth noting:

  • World Relief as they work in Haiti to meet the needs during this devastating time.
  • The people of Haiti to work together to meet the needs of their country at this time.
  • Overseas Council and Kids Alive International, two ministries supported by Bethel, and their teams on the ground in Haiti. Pray also for the other organizations that are there or will be there soon; for unity and collective efforts for the good of the country of Haiti and the glory of Jesus Christ.
  • Haitian-Christians and their influence during this time. That they would be able to share the love of Christ with those impacted by this earthquake.

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