Are Humans Programmed to Fail Financially?

by Jason on January 25, 2010

Technology is changing the world and personal finance at an unbelievable rate.

Remember when tracking your spending involved pen and paper, now we have website that does it automatically. It is to the point where we don’t have to do anything, but continue spending as we normally do.

But even with all this technology many people are still finding it hard to maintain a budget, track spending, and automate their savings.

I was talking to a friend last night about using a site like to help him manage his money. I asked why he doesn’t take advantage of something that does all the work for you and is completely free.

His reply was:

I’m too lazy

Too LAZY! Too lazy to do what? I couldn’t believe it. 

I spent the entire night (12AM- 5AM) thinking about what he said. It is amazing to me how human beings, the smartest creatures on the planet can be so stupid. My mother once told me “ lazy people work twice as hard” and he is living proof.

Managing your personal finances can change your life for the better.

I have never heard of someone going broke from practicing financial management. Have you?  In spite of all the technology out there, many people refuse to get their act together.

Why? I can’t figure it out.

Is the desire to buy things you don’t need that strong? Are advertisements that powerful? Are we brainwashed (just throwing that one out there)?

If I told you that personal financial planning is a surefire way to retire early with enough savings to live the life you want, would you practice it then?

Well, it is and it has a very high success rate. That is the reason you hear so many people preaching it.

If you punch your information into an Excel spread sheet or the Mint website and go over what you did with your money at the end of the month, most of you would want to kick yourselves for not doing it sooner.

The technology is there, all we have to do is use it. Don’t make laziness be the reason you are still working at 70.

This has been a guest post by Jay Scott.

Jay Scott is a personal finance blogger over at He uses is site to encourage others to start on the road to financial freedom.

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