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by Jason on February 4, 2010

One of the things I want to make sure I do on Redeeming Riches is to provide a look at other resources to you from a Christian perspective as well as secular resources to help with managing your money.

I know that R2 should not be the only voice you hear when it comes to your money and there are a host of other great personal finance writers that blog about the intersection of faith and money.

Matt Jabs over at Debt Free Adventure has done a great job of putting together a Christian Finance Directory.

The Goal

Matt puts it best on his site when he says, “The goal of the Christian Finance Directory is to bring together an exhaustive collection of links to help educate and strengthen Christian’s on their journey to debt free living.  I also pray that non-Christians will use these resources to learn the great lessons & insight the Bible gives on the subject of money and stewardship.”

What’s Included in the Directory?


DFA provides a list of about 20 blogs that write about money predominantly from a Christian view.  There are a ton of great blogs on here that I follow on a regular basis.

A few of them that I will highlight for you are Bible Money Matters, ChristianPF, and Money Help for Christians.


DFA also provides a list of tools to help better understand and control our finances.  This includes tools like calculators, budget help, financial forms and publications.


DFA also provides a list of a few websites that are teaching others about using their money from a biblical perspective.

Check out Debt Free Adventure

If you haven’t given Matt’s site a look I encourage you to check him out.  He’s on a mission to wage war on debt and his excitement and passion for being free is contagious.  He also has a big heart for helping others getting out of debt.

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