This Week in Personal Finance – February 5, 2010

by Jason on February 5, 2010

We finally got our internet hooked up at our house this week!  It’ll be good to get back to a regular posting schedule next week.

I’m excited for this weekend because I get to teach a class to a Young Marrieds group at church on Money.  I’ll try to post some of the content from that class in the next few weeks!

Anyways, This Week in Personal Finance takes a look at interesting articles, posts and news from the past week in the personal finance arena. 

So give these articles a click!

  • Kevin at Out of Your Rut shares his experience and gives us the do’s and don’t of finding Social Media friends and followers.
  • Here’s a cool story with a great point!  Being the  most driven person isn’t always the best route as you’ll find out from Brip Blap
  • You might want to think twice before you order that bucket of popcorn at the theatre or a glass of pinot grigio at dinner.  Here’s CNNs look at America’s Biggest Ripoffs!
  • I’ve been wanting to put this in a round up, but just kept putting it off 🙂 – Eric from Living 2 Excess gives some tips for overcoming procrastination.
  • Coveting is something that isn’t talked about much in Personal Finance circles, but Pete over at Bible Money Matters gives us some tips on how not to covet.

Have a great weekend!!

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