This Week in Personal Finance – February 12, 2010

by Jason on February 12, 2010

It’s been a great week!  My first post as a writer went up on Christian PF (see link below).  I’m excited about the opportunity to write for a great site like that.

The markets have been a little crazy this week and there still a lot of talk about our national debt.  The best thing we can do is focus on changes to our own personal situation.

Anyways, This Week in Personal Finance takes a look at interesting articles, posts and news from the past week in the personal finance arena.

So give these articles a click!

  • NPR takes a look at the decade ahead in jobs – this is an interesting graphic that shows what they project to be the best and worst employement areas.
  • The question of giving and tithing is an oft-debated one in Christians circles.  Questions of how much and to whom stir up lots of answers.  Craig from Money Help for Christians looks at a healthy view of Christian giving and tithing.  This is a great, in-depth post on the subject.
  • Paul from Fiscal Geek takes a look at 10 Ways to Invest $100 – he covers just about anything you can think of to get you started.
  • Miranda at Personal Dividends writes about  6 Things You Should Know About the 2010 Roth Conversion.  This was a very solid post.  For more on Roth Conversions, check out my guest post over at Wise Bread.
  • This post from Linsey at Wise Bread was right up my alley – saving money on office supplies!
  • Matt from Debt Free Adventure shares some pretty common ways people get into debt and how to dig out!

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R2 on the Web

I’ve recently been “hired on” as a writer over at Christian PF – one of the leading Christian personal finance blogs out there!

This was a great honor to be asked by Bob Lotich to contribute articles on a regular basis. You can check out my first on called Blueprint to Building Your Financial House!

Also, is a financial news website where users vote up their favorite articles.  My article 6 Ways to Find Free Money received enough votes to be the #1 article on Tipd’s Greatest Hits!  Thank you to everyone who voted for it!

That article was also included at Fiscal Geek’s Perma Friday Round Up and Canadian Finance Blog’s Friday’s Links post.

4 Money Lessons from a Fool was included in One Money Design’s Friday Round Up.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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