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by Jason on February 18, 2010

Thinking about changing careers?

Recently, Yahoo Finance ran a post about the 25 Top Paying Companies.

It’s an interesting and surprising look at what some of these companies are shelling out for their employees.

What’s not surprising is that many of them are law firms, technology and engineering firms.

If you’re dusting off your job search strategies, check out the top 5 highest paying jobs:

Top 5 High Paying Jobs

1. Baker Donelson

This is a Memphis-based law firm that refers to their partners as “shareholders”.  The average shareholder makes over $300k before a $20 grand bonus!  Even the legal secretaries are highly paid above the market average. Of course, if going to law schools isn’t for you, you can take online conflict resolution courses to land a good paying job as a legal mediator.

Average total pay: $319,779
Best companies rank: 77

2. Salesforce.com

This San Francisco based technology company boasts its Cloud Computing Customer Relationship Management technology.

Senior level account exec’s bring home some big money with average pay around a quarter mil.

Average total pay: $249,607
Best companies rank: 43

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3. Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe

Non-partner lawyers average a cool $201,000 annually, plus a $44,000 bonus.  According to Yahoo, the recession hit this firm a bit hard.  “For the first time in its 147-year history, Orrick had to resort to layoffs last year. The firm ended up cutting 130 attorneys and 235 staffers (though all got severance and outplacement help)” They are now coming up with some creative options for attorneys who don’t want to pursue partner with some increased flexibility and pay. Average total pay: $245,206 Best companies rank: 95

4. Bingham McCutchen

Hey, another law firm!  Here’s what Yahoo has to say about these highly compensated associates: “They join a team of associates that enjoys some of the highest paychecks for law firms on this list. They earn, on average, a base salary of $211,900 plus bonus of $21,900. The perks aren’t bad, either: Employees at its Boston, New York and Washington, D.C., offices can lunch at subsidized cafes. Associates can take 14 weeks off at full pay for maternity or paternity leave, and get emergency backup care for their kids or elderly parents.” Average total pay: $233,800 Best companies rank: 12
5. Devon Energy Engineers at this Oklahama City-based oil and gas producer knock down an average of $187k.  It’s a highly prized position, but the company itself attracts more than 50,000 applicants every year. They’re known for one of the strongest retirement plans in American business: Devon contributes to 401(k) plans with anywhere from 8% to 22% of pay, depending on employee match and length of service.  Even their performance bonuses are up there, averaging more than 15% of pay. The best thing about the firm is it’s emphasis on corporate responsibility and doing the right thing.  Part of their mission statement discussing their employees reads: “We will not have hidden agendas and we will not manipulate people.” Average total pay: $187,819 Best companies rank: 20So there you have it, top 5 high paying companies and high paying jobs or careers.

Top Paying Jobs Without a College Degree

Not everyone wants to be a lawyer or engineer.  Hey, some don’t even want to go to college.  If you’re one of these, that’s OK, you can still have a highly paid and successful career.

Take a look at this list of 25 Highest Paying Jobs without a College Degree over at Christian PF.

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