10 Money-Saving Tips to Stash $10,000 – Tip #8

by Jason on March 4, 2010

Tip #8 – Use Coupons, For Everything!

Welcome to the eighth day of our roughly 10-day journey, where we are looking at 10 money-saving tips to help save $10,000!

If you missed the introductory post of 10 Money-Savings Tips to Help You Stash $10,000 you’ll definitely want to check it out so we’re all on the same page.

But to sum it up – here’s our mission:

  • The Goal: Save $10,000
  • By When: This time next year
  • How: By implementing 10 money-saving tips

For the next couple weeks we’re going to look at one money-saving tip each Monday through Thursday.

On Thursdays we’re going to look at a tip, but also hear Personal Finance bloggers’ and hopefully some readers’ ideas and experiences on how they’ve saved money!

If you’d like to be included in the Thursday posts – please let me know your best money-saving tip here! We’d love to hear your stories of what you did and how much money you saved by implementing your tip!  If you’re a blogger and have posted about your money-saving tip, please include a link to your post!

Here’s what we’ve been through so far:

Tip #8: Use Coupons, For Everything!

Some of you are going to hate this idea!  Some of you can’t stand the thought of being “one of them” – you know what I’m talking about…a “coupon clipper”.

For some, just the thought of cutting coupons is torture enough.  I totally get that – I do.  I have to admit that I have a major advantage here.  My wife LOVES coupons, coupon-clipping, and finding good deals.  So, I rely on her for our savings in this department.

But, with the internet, coupon clipping doesn’t have to be old school – you know, where you sit down with the Sunday paper and a pair of scissors and clip away!  Although, that does save money too!

For those who are brand new to couponing, you can use this comprehensive guide: How To Coupon.

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Ways to Find Coupons

Let’s take a look at a few unique ways to get on board with coupons to help you stash some money!

Check Websites

There are a plethora of coupon websites out there that offer deals and keep consumers up to speed on some great savings.  A few that come to mind are Wise Bread, who offers their  “Best Deals Today” list and newsletter that you can subscribe to.  Mummy Deals is a great coupon site that my wife frequents regularly.  If you’re looking for coupons for restaurants, you can’t beat Restaurant.com!

Utilize Your Email

I had not thought about doing this until I received this guest post from Ann Smarty!  This is a pretty cool little system to take advantage of deals out there without getting overwhelmed!

Sign Up For Birthday Clubs or Fan Clubs

This is one of my favorites!  As long as you don’t mind getting inundated with emails, this is a great way to get special offers and coupons emailed to you all the time!

A lot of restaurants will give you a free meal on your birthday.  One local place we like gives you your age in years as a percentage discount off the bill!

Use Google Search

Maybe you’re looking for a new computer and would like to get some good laptop deals or notebook deals.   Before you go to the store, do a Google search and type in best laptop deals, notebook deals or laptop coupons and find out what’s out there to help you save some money!

If you’re a big Overstock.com fan, you can Google Overstock Coupons or Overstock Deals and get some great internet coupon codes for them.

You can find internet coupons and coupon codes for just about anything!  There is no reason to pay full price – Google it and see what kind of deals can be had!

Coupon Trains

This is new to me.  I found this idea on GroceryCouponGuide.com!  Basically what you do is find three to six other people who share your affinity for coupons and deals, preferably with different needs (i.e. one needs pet food coupons, the other diapers, etc).

The “conductor” starts with an envelope of 40-200 coupons, takes out what he or she needs and replaces them with coupons that won’t be used.  The envelope then gets mailed to the next person who does the same thing, and on it goes down the line.

It’s a way to stockpile some good coupons that you need, although it does take some work.  It could be well worth it if you have the right people in your train.

Entertainment Books

This is one of our favorites too!  We love the Entertainment book.  For $20, you get a book full of coupons to restaurants, entertainment venues etc.

We buy one every year and probably get at least two to three times the savings from that book!  It’s great and it allows us to eat out a little more often without spending additional money.

More Money-Saving Tips From PF Bloggers and Readers

Donna, a reader and commenter on R2 says,

A price book is essential to finding the lowest prices on groceries and to recognize a real sale. I also never trust the warehouse store as the cheapest source of all items. By comparing prices and knowing a real sale the savings can really add up.

The Debt Hawk says,

One of my favorite tips is to increase your 401k contribution percentage by the amount of your annual raise. This is one of the best ways for people to reach the 15% contribution limit. Since you have not gotten used to the raise yet as part of your disposable income, you will not even miss the money, but you will be increasing your savings a lot year after year.

Budgets Are The New Black says,

I gave up my cell contract and switched to prepaid!

Are you a coupon clipper?  Tell us some more great ways to save using coupons!

Estimated Savings: $25 – $50 per month

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