10 Money-Saving Tips to Stash $10,000 – Tip #10

by Jason on March 9, 2010

Tip #10 – Start Packing Lunches!

Welcome to our tenth and final day of our journey, where we are looking at 10 money-saving tips to help save $10,000!

This has been a really fun series of posts and it’s garnered a lot of great comments!  Keep ’em coming everyone!

If you missed the introductory post of 10 Money-Savings Tips to Help You Stash $10,000 you’ll definitely want to check it out so we’re all on the same page.

But to sum it up – here’s our mission:

  • The Goal: Save $10,000
  • By When: This time next year
  • How: By implementing 10 money-saving tips

For the last couple weeks we’ve looked at one money-saving tip each Monday through Thursday.  If you have a tip that hasn’t been mentioned, or you’d like to add some additional thoughts to one of our existing tips, please let me know your best money-saving tip here!

We’d love to hear your stories of what you did and how much money you saved by implementing your tip!  If you’re a blogger and have posted about your money-saving tip, please include a link to your post!

Remember – each of these alone don’t seem to add much savings, but when combined they add up to over $10,000 of savings over this next year!  Even if you don’t reach that $10,000 mark, saving a few grand this next year will help build an emergency fund or get you started on investing!

Here’s what we’ve been through so far:

Tip #10: Start Packing Lunches!

Ok, so this one is similar to Tip #1, but I think it’s different enough to make a distinction and a separate post.  I guarantee there are some families that don’t go out to dinner very much as a family, but eat out for lunch almost every single day.

This was definitely the case for some folks I use to work with at former places of employment!

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How Much Does It Cost?

Well, this depends if you only have a half-hour for lunch and need to grab something quick, or if you’ve got an hour for lunch and like to hit a sit-down spot!

If you figure the average fast food meal costs anywhere from $5 to $8 depending on what you get and where you live and the average sit-down meal is somewhere in the $8 to $12 neighborhood, you’re looking at $25 – $60 a week if you’re eating out every day!

Not only does going out for lunch all the time decrease the wallet size, but it increases the belt size!  Going out for lunch all the time is not good for you – unless of course you are disciplined and always make the healthy choice – I know I don’t!

But Leftovers Might Kill My Career…

Think I’m crazy?  Think again.  Helena Echlin from Chow.com says that bringing your leftovers makes you look less successful and also makes a statement to others that you are anti-social!

Maybe you should stop bringing your leftovers in your Superman lunch box – seriously, no one wants to know that you’re a big Clark Kent fan!

I don’t know, maybe bringing a lunch does ding your image.  As a self-employed, independent contractor, I guess I never really had to worry about the silliness of climbing the corporate ladder.  But I guess i can see the point.

Image vs. Reality – What’s More Important?

So bringing some leftovers to work makes you look like you’re at the bottom of the food chain!  It’s like anything else in our society these days – do we live for our image or do we live in reality?

How many people do you know that seemingly have it all – a lot of toys, a big house and nice cars – yet they’re up to their eyeballs in debt!

They aren’t rich, they just act like it!  So, let your co-workers rip on you because you’re bringing your leftover casserole while they throw their $15 lunch on their credit card and have some laughs.

You’ll have the last laugh after you’ve gotten out of debt and stashed $10,000 over this next year!

But I Don’t Know What to Pack!

Need some ideas for packing lunches?  Check out Alan’s Kitchen and his list of quick and easy lunch recipes!  If you have a plan in place you are much more likely to act on it.

One of the biggest tips to help you start packing lunches is to prepare a “leftover container” right after dinner that you can take with you for lunch the next day.  I know for myself that if the food isn’t in an easy-to-grab container the odds of me putting it in one in the morning decrease dramatically!

Estimated Savings: $25 – $150 per month

Let Us Know in the Comments

  1. How much have you saved by packing lunches
  2. Have you felt the temptation to go out for lunch to protect your image?

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