This Week in Personal Finance – April 2, 2010

by Jason on April 2, 2010

Friday’s  here!  But Sunday’s coming!!  Welcome to the the Good Friday edition of TWIPF.

It’s a great day to reflect on what Jesus did 2,000 some years ago as His life of 33 years was about to be ended.  But He would soon conquer sin and death with his resurrection just three days later.

If you’re not a Christian, it’s also a great day to check the claims that this Jesus of Nazareth made!

He said some pretty bold and amazing things that only some good moral teacher would say – He was radically different and it’s worth doing some investigative research into whether these things were true or not.

I’m looking forward to our church’s Good Friday service tonight – it is really one of the highlights of the year.

But, it’s another week in the books and it’s time for a quick tour.  This Week in Personal Finance takes a look at interesting articles, posts and news from the past week in the personal finance arena.

So give these articles from a few Yakezie Challenge Members a click!

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