Enjoy Your Money! Book Review

by Jason on April 26, 2010

Enjoy Your Money!  How to Make It, Save  It, Invest It and Give It by J. Steve Miller

April is Financial Literacy Month and graduation season will soon be in full swing.

If you’re looking for gifts for grads that will be a valuable resource for them for years to come then you  may want to check out Enjoy Your Money! How to Make It, Save It, Invest It and Give It by J. Steve Miller.

J. Steve Miller is a former missionary, current president of Legacy Educational Resources and father of seven boys! Yes, seven!

Miller did tons of research on successful money practices, then wrote the book in story form.

This book starts off with the basic premise that it will help you:

  • Get out of debt and accumulate wealth
  • Get ahead, even when the work you love doesn’t produce big bucks
  • Find your strengths and passions and make a living with them
  • Live a more fulfilled life

Miller discusses many of the things I talk about in my blog like saving money, frugality and happiness.

The last chapter particularly struck me about enjoying money.

He says:

“People who strive most for wealth tend to be less happy than others.  Those who strive for ‘intimacy, personal growth and contribution to community’ have a better quality of life”

I love that – and happiness and wealth is something I try to talk regularly about on this blog!

I wished Miller would have started the book with that chapter because in my opinion, understanding that accumulating wealth beyond a certain comfort level will not lead to more happiness is a foundational part to dealing with all other areas of our financial lives.

I like Miller’s use of personal stories and quotes from real folks, but at times the use of the non-fiction stories can get a little cheesy in parts.

All in all though, this is a very solid book for graduates looking to get a good grasp on personal finance without getting so bogged down with jargon!

You can find it on Amazon.com or order it through your local bookstore. To get bulk discounts, visit www.wisdomcreekpress.com .

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review.  I did receive a free copy of this book.  If you order through Amazon by clicking the link above I may receive compensation.

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