May 2010

This Week in Personal Finance – May 31, 2010

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Actually, this should read – Last Week in Personal Finance! This weekend we’ve been busy with parties and milling around so I didn’t get a chance to write a round-up post. So, here we are – a rainy Memorial Day – yes, more rain!  I figured I could write a quick post. At any rate, it’s […]

Greed Is Good!? Why Jesus Emphatically Warns Against Greed!

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Yesterday we looked at Gordon Gekko’s mantra – “Greed is Good!” and what Jesus might have to say to Mr. Gekko.  We also looked at Luke 12:13-15 where Jesus warns against greed. He actually says to guard against it – as if it’s something that we need to fight against. And he doesn’t just say it – […]

Greed Is Good – Or Is It? What Jesus Would Say to Gordon Gekko

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Do you remember the famous words of Gordon Gekko, the fictional character that Michael Douglas played in the 1987 movie Wall Street? “Greed is good!” This line has become so famous that even political leaders have used Gordon Gekko’s line in speeches. Here’s the full quote from Gekko: Greed, for lack of a better word, […]

This Week in Personal Finance – May 22, 2010

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Rain, rain, go away!  Here in Indiana we’ve been getting drenched with rain. Normally I wouldn’t mind, we obviously need it – but we are trying to get our landscaping done. Getting sod down when it’s soaking wet proves to be a difficult challenge. Hopefully this week will dry up a bit and we’ll be […]

Who Should Christians Give To?

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Should Christians Donate to Charity or To The Local Church? So a couple weeks ago we looked at the question of, “How Much Should Christians Give?”. Part One set the stage and Part Two really delved into why we want to know how much to give and why the New Testament is eerily silent on the topic […]

Eliminate Credit Card Debt By Avoiding These 4 Mistakes


This was an original post I did on credit card mistakes at  I’ve adapted it a little for my site. We all make mistakes, it’s in our nature. Sometimes we make them because we don’t know any better — other times we make them even though we do. Most of us have made pretty big flubs […]

A Helpful Mortgage Refinance Calculator

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Should I Refinance My Mortgage? That’s the question we want to answer today. Mortgage rates are still very, very low.  Who would’ve ever thought we’d see mortgage rates this low for this period of time. I remember thinking back in August when we first started building our house and mortgage rates were at their lows that […]

This Week in Personal Finance – May 15, 2010

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I can’t believe it’s been a week since my trip to Knoxville, TN! God is doing some amazing things down there with a group of churches that are working across denomination, cultural and racial lines for the good of the kingdom and the good of the city! I’ve got hope that some good things like […]

The #1 Thing You Should Do With Your Money (And Probably Don’t)

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If you’re into reading personal finance books, sites or blogs you will be inundated with free financial advice telling you to do all sorts of things. Most of these tips are very solid independent financial advice from people who care! What I love about the web is that you can find free financial advice on […]

5 Dumb Mistakes College Grads Make With Their Money


Graduation season is upon us! In the next several weeks, students from all over the country will be sporting their cap ‘n gown, bouncing down the aisle at their ceremonies with bright eyes and wide smiles – ready to embark on the next phase of their lives! It’s an exciting time. It’s also a scary […]

Who Should Take the Lead in Helping the Poor?

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It would be a very rare thing to find a Christian that does not think that we should help the poor. However, there are many different opinions amongst Christians about whose responsibility it is to help the poor. Yes, all Christians have a responsibility to be compassionate, caring, and always ready to help those in […]

This Week in Personal Finance – May 7, 2010

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I’m writing this from sunny, balmy Knoxville, TN! A group of eight of us from church came down to what’s called the Salt and Light conference. The conference is put on by the Compassion Coalition , a non-profit org. that desires to see churches live out Matthew 5:14, which calls believers to be salt and light […]