Why Making More Money Is Not the Answer to Your Financial Problems

by Jason on June 18, 2010

Are you in debt?

Things a little tight right now?

Have your savings dwindled?

You just need to make more money, right!?

Get Below the Surface

If you could just make a little more money, everything would be OK.

That may be true on the surface.

You might need a few hundred bucks extra per month to pay some bills, but guess what – it’s just a surface issue.

I’ve talked previously about our yard problems.

Basically, we are trying to get landscaping done including sod.

We’ve been unable to lay it because we’ve been waiting for our sump pump to get trenched.

Our sump hasn’t been trenched because it’s been raining so much – it’s an endless cycle!

Needless to say, our yard was overtaken by weeds – and I let them get a bit high.

So this week I got the trimmer out and did a little weed-whackin’!

After I was done, you could see that the weeds were trimmed, but you could also tell they were still there.

All the weed-whacking did was deal with the surface issue – I didn’t fully eradicate the weeds because I didn’t deal with the roots.

The only way to kill the weeds is to kill the root.

Making More Money Doesn’t Deal With the Root

Maybe you’ll get a part-time job, turn a hobby into a business, or find some other ways to bring in a little more money but that still won’t deal with the root cause of why you are in the position you are in.

As a side note – yes, I totally understand that there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that put you in a tough spot financially.

But for the most part, the majority of us are in financial troubles because we spend too much money, don’t stay on track with our financial budgeting and lose our focus!

Worse than that, we bow down to the god of money and serve our posessions rather than the God of the universe!!

In order to fully eradicate the weeds of your financial woes you must deal with the root!

How to Deal With the Root

So how do you actually deal with the root causes of what’s going on with your finances?

Begin by answering these questions:

Get your financial house in order!  As Christians we have a responsibility to be good stewards of what God has given us.

Realize that money won’t satisfy you – making more money isn’t the answer to all your problems!

Once we realize that, we can begin to do the right things and get our finances in order and start plugging away at getting on track financially and staying there!

You have to do the right things no  matter how much money you make.  It’s not rocket science – spend less than you make, cut back, simplify your lifestyle and make the sacrifices you need to make to get on track!

And realize also that sometimes, less is more!

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