July 2010

5 Reasons Why You’re (Probably) Not as Generous as You Should Be!

Personal Finance

I’m constantly struck by how many times the Bible mentions  helping the poor and needy! What kills me is that I read that and think to myself, why is it that I’m not as concerned as I should be when it comes to helping the poor, weak and marginalized members of society? If God has such a huge heart […]

4 Options for Higher CD Interest Rates

Emergency Funds

When it comes to earning interest from cash products, Certificate of Deposits or CDs, are often considered a good choice. However, most CD interest rates are not offering terribly high yields right now. It’s just the nature of any cash product. You exchange safety for the potential for higher yields. It is possible, though, to boost your CD interest […]

What Kind of IRA Rates Are You Getting?

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I should do a post of the most commonly asked questions I get when talking about personal finance with folks. How much interest is your IRA paying would probably rank in the top five for sure! Or you could phrase it this way – what are your IRA rates these days?  Or even, What’s the best […]

Should You File for Credit Card Bankruptcy

Credit Cards

Filing for bankrupcty can sometimesbe the best bet for someone with unpayable credit card balances. A credit card bankruptcy can lower monthly expenses, stop interest from accruing, and give you time to restructure your debt without fear of legal repercussions. The credit card bankruptcy process can give financial relief, but does come at the expense […]

What’s Wrong With The Modern Personal Investing World


If you designed the world of personal investing from the ground up, you’d have a very different experience than what we have now. Modern personal investing came long after what I would call “institutional investing” and “broker-only investing”. When it came time to offer investing to the common man, the investment firms of the day […]

Will You Have Enough Retirement Savings?

Personal Finance

Have you noticed the vast number of websites and magazines talk about the outrageous amounts of retirement savings you’ll need in order to retire in the lifestyle you want? They make saving for retirement  such a lofty goal that it’s less than motivating! Saving millions of dollars when some of us are barely getting by seems like a […]

An Opportunity For Missional Living in Our Own Backyard

Personal Finance

A Practical Way to Live Missionally With Your Money A couple weeks back I wrote a post called What It Means to Live Missionally With Our Money, which defined Missional Living. I followed that up with How to Live Missionally With Our Money, which discussed the concept of living with Open Hearts and Open Hands, which […]

Disability Insurance: Insuring the Goose That Lays Golden Eggs


Remember reading Aesop’s Fables in school? Aesop wrote popular short stories that always had a  moral to them. One of his stories was about the goose that laid golden eggs! A man and his wife were blessed to have a goose that laid one golden egg each day – unfortunately, they felt they weren’t getting eggs fast enough […]

Personal Budgeting: Why Regular Reviews Are Essential to Reaching Your Goals


I talked with someone recently who mentioned they decided to sit down and have a look at their finances. It seemed they were just not getting ahead, but didn’t know why.  They asked themselves the question that we’ve all asked plenty of times: “Where is all my money going?” After sitting down and taking a look at […]