September 2010

Money Savings Tip: Maximize Coupon Use and Save More Money!

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Clipping coupons is no longer just the domain of your grandparents! More and more people are learning how to extreme coupon and they’re saving a lot money. There are serious savings to be made by maximizing your coupon use, and you may not even have to get out your scissors for this money savings tip! […]

How to Handle an Abundance of Wealth

Personal Finance

If you one day find yourself in the fortunate position of coming upon a large sum of wealth, you may be at a loss for what to do with it. Sure there are plenty of choices: spend it, save it, invest it, and so on, but what if these options aren’t enough? Is there some […]

How To Prepare For a Financial Hardship Before It Happens

Emergency Funds

Many people have heard or read something about establishing an emergency fund – especially in the last few years. However, having an emergency fund is only one step in preparing for a financial hardship. It is also important to have a contingency plan in place when these financial hardships strike. Why is it important to […]

New Staff Writer: Please Welcome Khaleef Crumbley!

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The exciting changes continue to happen here at Redeeming Riches! This time it’s in the addition of a new staff writer, Khaleef Crumbley, or better known as KNS Financial. I first met Khaleef on my blog through his insightful and very biblical comments.  I liked him from the beginning because he seemed solid in his […]

6 Shocking Frugal Lessons from the World’s Richest People

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Did you know that some of the world’s richest people have frugal tendencies? So says Jean Folger, in her article 7 Spending Tips from Frugal Billionaires found on Yahoo Finance. They could buy anything and everything, and yet, they choose to restrain themselves.  Their money tips offers us some good perspective! Take for example, Carlos Slim, […]

This Week in Personal Finance – Sometimes It’s Just Not Your Day

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Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seemed to go your way? We probably all have.  When I saw this video, I felt so bad for this guy – but sometimes it’s just not your day! By the way, don’t forget to become a regular reader of Redeeming Riches by signing up for […]

Christian Finance Carnival 2 – Developing a Heart of Compassion Edition


Welcome to the Christian Finance Carnival 2. There were some great posts this week, so I encourage you to check them all out! Take some time to check out the blog while you’re here and be sure to sign up to get Redeeming Riches delivered FREE to your inbox! This week I had the privilege […]

4 Things to Consider When Getting a Pay Raise

Personal Finance

Your boss calls you into his office.  Your palms start to sweat. “Is this good or bad?” you think.  He invites you to sit.  Then he opens up his file… “I think it’s about time we offered you a pay raise!” he says with a smile on his face. You breathe a sigh of relief. […]

What Does It Mean to Store Up Treasures in Heaven?

Personal Finance
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What could be better than the American Dream? A steady job.  Money in the bank.  A hefty 401k for retirement. Couple that with a nice house in the ‘burbs, a white-picket fence, two kids, a dog, a Swagger Wagon for mom and a sedan for dad – Life couldn’t get any better than that – right? But is that really all there […]

What’s the Catch With

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Eat.  Drink.  Save Money. Sounds good right?  This is the tagline of the increasingly popular Perhaps you’ve heard people talking about this site or have seen some advertisements on the web and wondered – what exactly is this and is it really a good deal? I decided to take a look at this site for […]

This Week in Personal Finance

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It was a good week for Redeeming Riches.  The post I did about the 10 Sure-Fire Money Moves That Will Always Pay Off – Or Not,  made the front page of Digg. If you haven’t seen that post with the Wall Street Journal’s financial advice and my side commentary, be sure to check it out. […]

10 Sure-Fire Money Moves That Will Always Pay Off – Or Not?

Personal Finance

The Wall Street Journal is very confident! Using the word guaranteed in the financial world is like telling a pitcher he’s got a “no-no” going in the 6th inning. But apparently the WSJ doesn’t care.  They have found 10 money moves that will always, always pay off – guaranteed! Aside from the catchy title luring […]