New Staff Writer: Please Welcome Khaleef Crumbley!

by Jason on September 22, 2010

The exciting changes continue to happen here at Redeeming Riches!

This time it’s in the addition of a new staff writer, Khaleef Crumbley, or better known as KNS Financial.

I first met Khaleef on my blog through his insightful and very biblical comments.  I liked him from the beginning because he seemed solid in his faith and I really appreciated his insights.

I am very excited to have him on board!

So, why a staff writer?  Well, it’s simple really.  There are three main reasons:

  • I need help!  I’d love to write an article every day on here, but I just can’t
  • I believe that, in order for this site to be successful, readers also need to hear from other successful writers who can share their insights and experiences
  • Other sites like Bible Money Matters and Christian PF have hosted me on their blogs and it has helped me tremendously so I want to do the same for others.

Check out the interview of Khaleef below and let’s give him a warm welcome!!

Jason: You currently blog at Faithful With a Few – How long have you actually been blogging?

Khaleef: I published my first post on January 6, 2010. However, with the exception of several “biblical finance” articles, I mainly posted tax bulletins and weekly Twitter updates.

Then on February 25 I started a 5-part series on the Credit CARD Act. So I would say…about 8 or 9 months depending on when you start counting.

Jason: How did you get your start in the personal finance field?

Khaleef: That’s a tough one! I always had a desire to take complex ideas and make them easy to understand and teach to people. However, my focus always lied in investing and not so much in personal finance.

So, I made a lot of bad choices and led an undisciplined life financially (which I’m still paying for), while all the time still studying investing. I was making minimum wage and instead of trying to learn how to make more money, or at least manage what I had more efficiently, I studied the stock market!

Then I read 2 books by Larry Burkett, “Debt-Free Living” and “The Word on Finances”. Both of these books opened my eyes to the fact that God actually cared about how I handle my finances. I always just assumed that cheerful giving was enough!

From that point on I began to look for personal finance resources and discovered The Motley Fool. From there I learned a lot of practical ways to manage my finances, and from there it was always my goal to teach people to do the same.

Unfortunately, I had no education to back up this desire and I choose to go back to school. While in school, I studied Finance, Economics, Investment Analysis, Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations (AMC), Math, and Music.

I officially earned a B.A. and M.A. in Economics from Rutgers University, and began working in corporate finance and accounting (not as much fun as it sounds).

Soon after, I decided to get training in tax preparation and then I formed KNS Financial, LLC. So I currently provide tax help and preparation, and assist people with developing financial plans. I am also seeking further certification so I can also provide investment and retirement planning.

Jason: One of the reasons I asked you to join my blog was because of your heartfelt and gospel-centered comments – can you tell us a little more about your faith?

Khaleef: Ok, I’ll try not to write a book here! I came to faith in Jesus Christ when I was an adult (about 18), and for the last 14 years, I never had any real periods of doubting God – although I sure failed Him enough.

I believe that the message of the gospel is simple:

  • God created us all and we are accountable to Him (Revelation 4:11; Isaiah 43:7)
  • We were created in perfection and Adam’s sin caused mankind’s fall
  • Because of this fall), we are all sinful and rebellious in nature (Romans 3:23)
  • God’s holiness requires judgment of sin
  • God loves us and wants to fellowship with us
  • He sent His only son, Jesus Christ, to us as a gift of love and mercy
  • God poured out His wrath against OUR sin onto Jesus at the moment of His death
  • Jesus died not only to suffer for our sins, but also to save us from the power of sin
  • God raised Jesus from the dead to validate His sacrifice for us
  • Now all who put their faith in that promise will have their sins forgiven, and have eternal life (John 3:15-17)
  • God requires us to live in obedience to Him, and transforms our heart at salvation to make this possible (not in sinless perfection, but no longer slaves to sin)

I believe that we are slaves to Christ (Romans 6:15-23) and as such, we are too do everything for His honor! I apply the word of God to everything that I do, and I have a biblical worldview.

That means that my opinions and judgments are based on God’s word (as much as can be with my limited mind). This will carry over in my writing and other areas in my life.

So, for instance, if a close family member comes to me and asks me to cosign for their loan, and it seems like a good idea from a human standpoint, I’ll still say no. That is because I believe that God’s word is clear that cosigning for a long is a bad idea!

Jason: So what are some other lessons you hope to share with readers here at Redeeming Riches?

Khaleef: These are in no order, and I’m sure more things will come out as I write…

  • Money is just a tool that we use to more efficiently trade our skills and production. Money should not be allowed to rule our lives, nor should we focus our efforts solely on financial gain.
  • Our values should come from something greater than commercials or the consensus of society!
  • Always question “conventional wisdom”, and have a logical, Godly reason for everything that you do!
  • If we examine most financial lessons that we are taught in life, we will find that they do not stand up to logic and reason!
  • God’s provision is the reason why we have money and possessions. He has called us to be good stewards over our wealth and use it for His glory! This doesn’t mean that we must avoid fun or traveling, or even a great meal – but it does mean that we should all desire to hear Him proclaim, “Well done, good and faithful slave. You were Faithful With A Few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master” (Matthew 25:23).

Jason: Why do you think these lessons are so important?

Khaleef: Quite simply, because implementing those lessons will help us to be content and satisfied with what we have. If we stop chasing possessions, positions, money, and power to find happiness and we look to Christ, we would find immeasurable riches (Matthew 6:19-21)!

So many people have forfeited opportunities to impact the Kingdom, in order to chase after temporary and vain pleasures! I hope that looking at personal finance from a biblical prospective will help many avoid this trap.

Jason: What is one unique thing that many people may not know about you yet?

Khaleef: Most people who met me after 2005 don’t know that I was a licensed minister as well as the director of music ministries at my previous church. Also, most people don’t know that I studied ancient Greek language for a couple of years in college – and I loved it!

Also, I love joking and laughing, and can be extremely silly at times.

Jason: And one last question for fun, who will win the Super Bowl this year?

Khaleef: My heart almost made me write the Buffalo Bills (Jason: Now that IS silly!),but my head stopped me! I honestly haven’t had time to follow any sports except College Football. I am a huge fan of both Notre Dame and Michigan, but I think Alabama or Oregon will win the national championship this year.

Jason: If others want to connect with you and your blog, what should they do?

Khaleef: Using the contact form on my site would be the easiest way at first. I used to give out my email address on the page and in posts, but I received too much spam. I’m also available on Facebook and Twitter.

Jason: Thanks Khaleef, so glad to have you aboard!

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