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Earn Money Online by Selling Coupons on Ebay

by Jason on December 3, 2010

In today’s economy, being frugal and clever is more important than ever.

Everyone knows you can save money by using coupons on items you frequently purchase.

Some folks have maximized their coupon use and turned couponing into an art form by combining sales, manufacturer’s coupons, and store coupons to get household items for almost nothing.

But did you know you can also earn money online and make extra money on coupons you don’t use?

Savvy shoppers have created a market for buying large lots of coupons on eBay, which means there is an opportunity to make extra money by selling coupons to extreme couponing shoppers.

This is a great opportunity to earn money online for those who have the time and desire to cut and organize coupons. If you like to cut coupons on a regular basis, you already have your foundation laid!

You can even earn money through finding shipping discounts for things you plan on buying anyways!  An example would be to search for Ebay coupons or for Home Depot coupon code for free shipping and you will soon find that there are tons of coupons available.  Imagine that, shipping coupons!  Shipping can add up, so always keep these coupons in mind when you are shopping next.

The first step to earning money online by selling coupons is to find a way to accumulate large numbers of them.

There are many places to get coupons – and if you can get them for free, you will make a much larger profit.

Here are some ideas for helping you collect coupons:

1. Get coupons from people who aren’t actively couponing

Ask friends, relatives, co-workers, or anyone else you know to give you the advertising inserts from their newspapers.

If your friends already receive the paper, this will be a very easy way to get a large number of coupons.

2. Frequent fast food restaurants on the day coupons are released in your area

Often, newspapers will be tossed on an empty table by a previous customer, and the coupon insert will be easy to retrieve. If you are able to visit several fast food restaurants that are near each other, you will be able to gather a lot of coupons in very little time.

There are many online coupon sites, where you can print manufacturer’s coupons for free. The three best are:

  1. Coupons
  2. RedPlum
  3. SmartSource

When you search for online printable coupons, many links are simply directing you to one of these three sites.

3. Visit major manufacturer’s homepages in order to print coupons directly

You may be surprised how many large-value coupons are available! The larger the value of the coupons, the more valuable your overall lot will be, and the more money you will make.

4. Follow stores on Facebook & Twitter

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, ‘friending’ or following major manufacturers or retail chains can make you aware of deals, coupons, and discount codes. All of these are valuable resources, but the printable coupons are the ones you can sell. Some manufacturers and chains to consider are Proctor and Gamble, Kraft, Campbell’s, Target, CVS, and Walgreens.

Now that you’ve collected your coupons, it’s time to start earning some extra money.  Here’s a couple tips to keep in mind:

Organize your coupons methodically

Now that you’ve accumulated your coupons, you are ready for the next step. Carefully print out, clip and sort all your coupons. The two major categories will be ‘food’ and ‘non-food’. After that, you can sort into smaller sub-categories. You can try selling some groupings of similar coupons, and some groupings of mixed coupons, in order to cater to both kinds of buyers.

Start listing your coupons on eBay

There are several steps to having a successful eBay auction. Be sure to follow them carefully to avoid running afoul of the eBay policies and buyer frustration!

  • Read the eBay coupon policy carefully: It is located here . There are some limitations on the number of coupons you can sell in an auction, as well as limits on the number of identical coupons or full inserts that are allowed per auction.

[Note from Jason:   Most coupons will contain language that prohibit them from being resold.   Ebay sellers should mention in their listing that the winning bidder is not paying for the coupon, but rather paying for the time to collect, clip, and ship the coupons. Ebay requires that you include that disclaimer, otherwise they may delete your listing.]

  • Be sure to list in the correct category: For eBay, this is inside the “Home > Food & Wine > Food Coupons”. You want customers to be able to quickly find your listing!
  • Write a clear description of your auction: Include the exact number of coupons, the earliest expiration date, and the total amount of savings the coupons represent. You will want to list some of the brands included. Of course, you will also need to write out your return and payment policy.
  • Set the initial bid: A good way to attract buyers is to include the shipping cost in the initial bid. This will allow you to offer free shipping, making your auction more enticing. A batch of 100 coupons will usually require two stamps for shipping.
  • Ship them promptly

Once you have listed your auctions, it’s time to sit back and let the bidding begin!

Once the auctions close, mail the coupons promptly – because coupons expire, time is of the essence, and quick service will help ensure that you don’t get bad feedback from your customers.

In tight financial times, it takes wit and savvy to come out on top.

Continue to use coupons and deals for your own personal shopping, but also take the time to collect and sell unused coupons. It takes a little effort and organization, but the profits are well worth the work.

James Adams works at Cartridge Save where he is responsible for reviewing products like Kodak supplies and posting on their blog about ads and design.

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