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Best of Money Carnival #93 – My Spring Fever Won’t Break Edition

by Jason on March 7, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of Winter this year!  I live in the Chicago-land area, and we’ve been bombarded with snow since December.

Last month alone, we came close to setting the all-time record for February snow-fall with 26.2 inches!  I have never been more ready for Spring to spring!

I’m looking foward to walks in the neighborhood, playing with my kids at the park, and of course breaking out the golf clubs.

But Spring isn’t here yet!  Just this weekend we got another 1 1/2 inches – I almost cried! 🙂  So for now, as I wait for the last remaining snow to melt, join me in reading through the top ten posts of the week:

10. Flexo presents Advantages of Buying a House With Cash posted at Consumerism Commentary.  Loved this post, since I’m a big fan of getting rid of a mortgage early and de-leveraging as much as possible.

9. Wise Bread presents While Waiting for Rates – IBonds posted at Wisebread.  Great post explaining a few interest-rate scenarios and how it will effect bonds.

8. Neal Frankle presents Teach Kids About Money?The Free Guide posted at Wealth Pilgrim. Neal gives us a great post on teaching kids about money, which is often a difficult proposition.

7. Darwin presents Yield Curve Explained – MBA Mondays posted at Darwin’s Money.  Darwin does a great job presenting difficult topics in easy-to-understand ways on his MBA Mondays – this was no exception.

6. The Amateur Financier presents Encouraging Entrepreneur Children posted at The Amateur Financier.  Continuing the theme of teaching kids about money, this was a great post to get your kids thinking like an entrepreneur.

5. Ramsay presents 6 Networking Ideas to Improve Your Career posted at MoneyedUP.  Loved the angle of volunteering to network.  Do some good while you’re waiting to improve your career.

4. Michael presents 5 Fun Ideas For the Newly Retired posted at The Dough Roller.  Volunteering and teaching your hobby are great ideas for retirement!

3. Suba presents VRBO, scams : How to avoid a vacation rental scam? posted at Wealth Informatics.  I can definitely relate to this post, I had a very bad experience with a vacation rental home!  Although it wasn’t through

2.  Ryan @ CML presents Teaching Your Children About Money posted at Cash Money Life.  Taking the opportunity to capitalize on teachable moments when discussing money with your kids is a great way to help them understand how to manage finances!

And the #1 article for the week belongs to:

1. BWL, who presents 10 Ways To Make Money Writing Online posted at Christian Personal Finance.  This was a fantastic post highlighting sites to make additional money through writing articles!

So there you have it, the 1o best articles of the week in personal finance!!  Here’s wishing you a bright and sunny Spring-like day!

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