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Well Paying Careers: 30 Jobs That Pay $30 Per Hour

by Jason on July 25, 2011

I talk a lot on this site about saving money, and for good reason. We must develop good saving skills in order to meet our goals, however, that’s only one side of the coin.

As some of you know all too well, it’s hard to save money when there isn’t much coming in.  In order to save money, we need to be making money.

Some of us may feel stuck in a particular job or career that doesn’t pay well.  In that case, if you’re looking for ideas for a career change and want to know about some well paying careers, then you’ve come to the right place.

Recently, Career Builder ran an article on MSN that described 30 jobs that pay between $30-$39 per hour.  That translates to salaries between $62,400 and $81,120.  In most circles those would certainly be classifed as a well paying career.  Career Builder’s list was interesting with a wide variety of jobs, including careers that would benefit from training in psychology to civil engineering.  Another option is to find one of various computer training venues to better prepare yourself for the demanding business world.

If you’re looking to increase your knowledge and earn more money, then take a look at these positions that pay between $34-$39 per hour.

Here’s the top 10 on Career Builder’s list from this article in terms of pay with a brief description of each field:

1. Clinical, counseling and school psychologists

Diagnose and treat mental disorders; learning disabilities; and cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems.        

Hourly pay: $34.77

Annual salary: $72,310

2. Fashion designers

Create clothing and accessories, from shoes to clothes to jewelry and more.

Hourly pay: $35.78

Annual salary: $74,410

3. Operations research analysts

Study management and operations issues through engineering and other scientific methods.     

Hourly pay: $36.23

Annual salary: $75,370

4. Sociologists

Study human society and social behavior.                             

Hourly pay: $36.63

Annual salary: $76,190

5. Physical therapists

Develop rehabilitative programs that improve patients’ health.  There are many medical jobs in Los Angeles and other major cities that offer physical therapy jobs and more.

Hourly pay: $36.64

Annual salary: $76,220

6. Architects

Design buildings, homes and other structures for various clients.

Hourly pay: $37.93

Annual salary: $78,880

7. Education administrators

Manage the everyday operations of educational facilities.

Hourly pay: $38.53

Annual salary: $80,140

8. Environmental engineers

Study environmental problems and create solutions that governments and the general population can put into practice.                            

Hourly pay: $38.82

Annual salary: $80,750

9. Civil engineers

Design and oversee the construction of large-scale public works, such as bridges, dams and airports.             

Hourly pay: $39.03

Annual salary: $81,180

10. Materials scientists

Research and study the structures and chemical properties of various natural and manmade materials.            

Hourly pay: $39.59

Annual salary: $82,350

*Salary information based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What you’ll notice is that each one of these jobs require education or special licensing. It may be worth taking the time to gain the additional education to acquire these skills to enable you to apply and attain work in a field that makes more money.

You’ll want to weigh the costs with the future potential benefit of an increased salary. You may also want to check into the future demand of these jobs as well.

What are your thoughts?

Are you surprised by any job on this list?  Do you know anyone who works in these fields?  What is the outlook on these fields in the future?

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