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3 Simple Steps to Build Wealth

by Jason on August 10, 2011

If it were easy to build wealth, we’d all be rich!

To build wealth is not easy.

To build wealth is very hard, but the good news is that with a few simple steps you can start building wealth too!

It’s funny how we seem to make the simple things in life more difficult?  Isn’t it?

Take getting out of debt for example. At the core, it takes simple steps:

  • Stop racking up debt
  • Start paying more on the balance to knock it out!

But the simple things in life aren’t always easy, are they?  There’s a difference between the two.

Simple means it isn’t complicated.  It doesn’t take much to build wealth.

In fact, in a few steps we all can build wealth.

Unfortunately, the majority of folks in America don’t seem to follow these three simple steps to build wealth.

Becoming a millionaire or just building wealth in general, as this article from Free Money Finance describes, is simple.

Although I don’t agree with FMF’s title (he says it’s easy), it’s still a great post to make the point.

Below you’ll find my thoughts on three simple steps to build wealth:

1. Build Wealth by Spending Less Than You Earn

If you want to build wealth, the first thing you’ll need is income.

No money, no wealth.

Unfortunately I’ve seen time and time again in my business where even folks who are making a good income don’t have much to show for it.

They spend way more than they earn, they live paycheck to paycheck, and they continue to increase their lifestyle with every jump in income.

One thing is clear, in order to achieve the goals you have – whether it’s paying off debt, saving for emergencies, buiding wealth, or funding your retirement accounts – you must spend less than you make!

How to do it: Set a certain percentage you will save from each paycheck and adjust your budget to help cut back on expenses so you can save more.

2. Build Wealth by Investing Your Savings Regularly

Once you set a certain percentage for savings from each paycheck, then you’ll need to figure out where to put it.

You can invest into accounts like 401ks, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, non-retirement accounts, or a foreign currency account.

Once you figure out what type of account you’ll be investing into, then you need to decide what type of investments to hold in these accounts.

These can range from index funds, mutual funds and ETFs to stocks or CDs. There are an endless array of investments to choose from.

The best way to invest wisely is to diversify yourself in a portfolio with find good-performing, consistent investments.

How to do it:   Regularly invest your savings into this diversified portfolio. Consistency is where you will see the traction toward building wealth.

3. Build Wealth by Doing This for a Long Time

Setting a certain percentage aside for savings, investing those dollars in a well-diversified portfolio of solid investments, and doing it for a long, long time is when you will take things to the next level.

Not taking advantage of compounding interest is one of the biggest mistakes we can make with our money!

When you let time work for you, reaching your goals becomes much easier.

That’s why you always hear advisors and bloggers say to start saving early in life!

How to do it:  What are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time, just do it and build wealth!

Set a target percentage to save, invest into a well-diversified portfolio, and do it for a long time…You’ll thank me 25 years down the road! 🙂

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