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8 Simple Ways to Make Money With Your Car

by Guest on October 12, 2011

Did you know a simple way to make money might be sitting right in your driveway?

That’s right! Your vehicle can be a simple way to make money when you are feeling a bit strapped.

Not only will these jobs assist in paying monthly car expenses, including insurance, but your car can also help make additional money to assist in paying other monthly expenses.

8 Simple Ways to Make Money and Turn Your Car into Extra Cash

1. Turn your Car into a Billboard on Four Wheels

While you are looking for a simple way to make money, many local businesses in your area are probably looking to save money with advertising.

Transforming your four-wheeled friend to become a vehicle for outdoor advertising is very easy to do.

There are a number of websites where you can register your car to get “wrapped” with an advertisement for a business and make money for just driving your car around such as:

Just remember the company may ask you to park your car at certain local events for further advertisement. Furthermore, always read over any contracts to see how long the contract is for.

The guys at WikiHow tell you all about turning your car into an advertisement.

2. Become a Personal Driver

Many times people without vehicles or the elderly are stuck having to take public transportation to doctor appointments and to run errands.

Advertise your services as a personal driver for those who need to get from point A to point B. You may have to check if you need to get a special kind of livery license as well as check with any insurance requirements first.

However, if you need a simple way to make money and love to drive around and meet new people, it could be a great avenue.

3. Start or Join a Courier Service

If you like to drive, why not deliver a package while you are on the road? There are a number of websites where you register and are contacted when you need to pick up and drop something off. Items can be anything from important documents, dry cleaning, to a birthday cake for a children’s party. These websites allow you to search for items in areas where you normally travel. If you are selected to be the courier, then just follow the instructions, deliver the item, and get paid for it.

4. Rent out your Car in a Peer-to-Peer Rental Program

Do you have a spare car sitting in your driveway that you are not using? Are you going on vacation for two weeks and have no use for your car?

Think about joining a peer-to-peer car rental program where you car is rented out for money when you don’t need it.

It is very simple way to make money and there are a number of websites that promote this kind of service.

You do not have to accept all bookings and a majority of the peer-to-peer car rental companies supply the additional insurance required. If you only use your car during the week to commute to work, rent it out on weekends for some quick cash.

5. Join a Car Share

While joining a car share will not make you any new money, it will help you save more money, which is just as good.

If you live in close proximity to some of your fellow employees, ask them about carpooling. You give them a ride to work, and in turn, everyone splits the cost of gas.

The same could be done with taking children to school. If a number of children live in the area, say to the parents that you will take them to school every morning and the parents pay a portion of gas.

Again, you may not make any kind of profit, but you do have extra money that can now be put toward other bills and expenditures.

6. Become a Driving Instructor

Becoming a driving instructor is a great idea. Of-age drivers are always looking to gain practice while driving but not all of them can afford driving schools.

Not only do you make money, but you teach future generations how to drive safely on the road.

However, often this requires minimal investment from the car owner to have a passenger’s side break installed in case a lesson gets out of control.

As well, check with the state for any specific licenses or insurance requirements.

7. Deliver Groceries

Elderly folks and those without personal transportation often have a difficult time getting their groceries.

They either have to rely on a family member or a friend to transport them, pay high taxi fares, or lug all groceries on a bus.

It can be very difficult. Advertise that you can assist with grocery shopping.

If the person cannot leave their home, you will do the shopping for them, and if they can leave, then you will drop them off and pick them up after at a price that is less than the average taxi.

 8. Transport Peoples Pets

No matter if you own a small or large vehicle, look into helping pet owners in your area with pet transportation.

Busy pet owners, pet owners who do not have a vehicle themselves, and the elderly who are not able to leave their home easily with a pet in tow may need assistance taking their pets to and from boarding facilities, vet visits, and grooming appointments.

For a simple way to make money, combine the pet transportation service with pet sitting.

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