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How to Save Money and Make Money on Amazon

by Guest on November 9, 2011

If you like to shop, you can find nearly anything and everything on Amazon— with its enormous selection of items to choose from and its easy-to-use checkout, it’s no surprise that it has gained a huge following of loyal customers.

Not only is Amazon a convenient place to shop online, it also is a great place to both save money and make money. Amazon offers incredible savings on many popular items and products, and it also allows private sellers to broadcast their own new and used items to millions of people in hopes of selling them for profit.

If you’d like to know more about how to save and make money with Amazon, read on–here are some tips to get you started.

Shop the Friday Sales

If you really want to find some good deals on Amazon, Friday is the best day of the week to find them. Every Friday Amazon offers a lengthy list of items at unbeatable prices–some of them up to 50 percent off. Different items are featured every Friday, so it’s a sales section worth revisiting each week. You can find “Friday Sales” in the “Today’s Deals” drop-down menu.

Check Out the Lightening Deals

If you click on “Today’s Deals,” be sure to take a look at what kind of money you can save through Amazon’s “Lightning Deals.” If you want to take advantage of the savings you can find there, you need to be quick–a promotional code is offered on a featured item, but not for long. The Lightning Deal ends when either the limited supply of coupon codes has been snatched-up or when the set amount of time is up.

Watch for Other Special Sales and Promotions

The “Todays’ Deals” menu is a virtual treasure trove of sales and markdowns, and if you want to save big–that’s where you need to shop. Its “Deals and Bargains” section is a great place to find promotional items and sales merchandise, all priced to sell.

Save on Regularly Purchased Items

If there are items that you purchase on a regular basis from Amazon, groceries or toiletries for example, you can save money by scheduling future deliveries of those items. By subscribing this way, you’ll save 15 percent off the price of your items plus receive free shipping.

Save on Shipping

Amazon offers “super-saver shipping” on many of their items and products and this can save you a considerable amount of money. When you purchase $25.00 or more in items that are eligible for super-saver shipping, your shipping is free. If for whatever reason you have a difficult time coming up with $25.00 worth of items to buy, you can use Amazon’s unique “Filler Item” service. Simply key in the amount you still need to spend to reach the $25.00 minimum and Amazon will help you find an item for that price so that you can qualify for the free shipping deal.

If you do a lot of shopping on Amazon, you may want to consider signing up for “Amazon Prime.” This program costs $79.00 per year, but with it you will receive free two-day shipping on all qualifying orders, or you can opt for one-day shipping for only $3.99 per order. Frequent shoppers can stand to save an enormous amount on shipping charges by signing up for this program, and in addition items will be delivered faster than usual.

Buy Used Instead of New

The beauty of Amazon is that you can choose from both new and used items, and the price difference between the two can be substantial. Many individuals and businesses sell items on Amazon–you can find just about anything used and each listing offers a brief description of the item’s condition as well as the seller’s asking price. Buying used allows you to compare prices in hopes of finding the best deals on the items you really want to buy.

Make Money as a Seller on Amazon

Not only can you save money on Amazon as a shopper, you can also make money by becoming an Amazon seller. Selling your own new and used items on Amazon is easy to do, and with minimal time and effort, you can be on your way to earning some extra money. Amazon features 25 different categories in which you can list merchandise, and their step-by-step selling process makes it easy to get your items listed quickly and efficiently. You only pay seller fees when your items sell–you have nothing to lose and only extra cash to gain.

If you would like to sell a large amount of items by way of Amazon, you can set up a professional account. This is for individuals and businesses that plan on selling more than 40 items per month. With a professional seller’s account you can set up your own web-store, pay a flat monthly fee instead of individual item fees, and take advantage of some useful seller services including Amazon’s Fulfillment service.

Amazon offers its customers the best of both worlds. Buyers can find their favorite things, both new and used, at competitive, bargain prices, and sellers can make their own money by offering quality items and products to a world-wide audience.

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