April 2012

How Much Is Car Insurance?

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Since people do not always have a choice as to whether or not they will purchase auto insurance, they want to know one thing before they have to seek the policy: How much is car insurance? The answer to this question can be as much as $1,600 just for a six-month policy! The good news […]

How To Get Air Miles

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Consumers have gained interest in getting air mile rewards, but do you know how to get air miles? Even those people who are not fond of flying collect their points to exchange for hotel stays and merchandise.  Many credit card companies give out air miles that accumulate every time owners use their cards for purchasing […]

401k Rollover To IRA: Options To Consider

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Employees who take advantage of employer-sponsored investment accounts can benefit from interest earnings on monies saved. When it comes time for an employee to leave a job or change employers, some decisions must be made as to where the money in a 401K investment account should go. A 401K rollover allows employees to avoid withdrawal […]

Alternatives To Cable TV

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I’ll be getting married in May and the subject of “cost cutting” has been on my mind lately.  I’m starting to realize how expensive marriage is.  Don’t get me wrong, marriage will be great, it’s just that there are tons of new expenses! Now, it’s two cars, two insurance payments, and grocery shopping for two. […]

5 Tips For Rebuilding A Damaged Credit Score


Are you under the impression that your credit score has been damaged beyond repair? Although you may have made poor money management decisions in the past, you’ll be glad to hear that this does not mean your credit score has to be tarnished forever. Believe it or not, you can begin to rebuild your credit […]

Don’t Forget These Things On Your Honeymoon

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As my honeymoon is coming up, I thought I’d write a post about everything that you should remember to pack for the trip.  Emotions are high and it feels like there are literally a million things running around inside of my head!  Between the planning and the excitement, it’s easy to forget things for the honeymoon.  I […]

How To Successfully Sell Stuff On Ebay

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The Internet is rife with stories of people enjoying six-figure incomes less than one year after launching an eBay reselling business. While in some rare instances they may be true, for the most part, they are fairy tales. However, you can still make a solid living in the business – you just need to know […]

Creative Ways You Can Earn Extra Money Over The Weekend

Making Money
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Some of your friends are going on a road trip in a few weeks. If everyone contributes, you can stay in a fabulous hotel for the week for around $200 per person. However, you’ve just checked your bank statement and that amount might as well be a million dollars when it comes to the current […]

Get The Lowest Prices Possible On Your Clothes

Saving Money

Did you know that you’re probably overpaying for the clothes you’re wearing this very moment?  Doesn’t feel good now does it?  I’m not here to guilt trip you into anything, i just want to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your clothes! Use the following tips to score the lowest prices on clothes […]

Preparing For A Dual Retirement


Good Morning Redeeming Riches Readers. My name is Kristina and I am the daily blogger at DINKS Finance.  Today Redeeming Riches and DINKS Finance have decided to exchange blog posts; I hope you enjoy reading as I share my financial expertise with all of you. DINKS Finance is a personal finance blog for couples by […]

What Is The Average Cost Of Car Insurance


Every state except New Hampshire requires a person to show proof of auto insurance coverage before they are allowed to register a motor vehicle. The legal requirements differ from state to state, and so does the cost for coverage. Still, you’ve got to have it in order to be within the requirements of the law […]