Don’t Forget These Things On Your Honeymoon

by Redeeming Riches on April 13, 2012

As my honeymoon is coming up, I thought I’d write a post about everything that you should remember to pack for the trip.  Emotions are high and it feels like there are literally a million things running around inside of my head!  Between the planning and the excitement, it’s easy to forget things for the honeymoon.  I didn’t want to be “that guy” so I researched the heck out of the internet and found out what I need for the trip.  So here goes, don;t forget these crucial items!


This is number one because this is the leading cause of pain on a honeymoon!  Sunscreen will ensure that you enjoy your time in warm weather (assuming you’re going somewhere warm).  You’d hate to get burned and not be able to sit down on a chair!  It would be terrible and ruin the trip.  In the case you do get a little burned, have some aloe vera on hand to quickly heal a burn.  It’s conditioning and soothing properties are sure to  fix you up in time for your walk on the beach the same night!

what to bring on honeymoon

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Zero foreign fee credit card

Talk about handy.  Instead of taking out cash on your trip, apply for a zero-fee foreign credit card like a Chase Sapphire and you will be good to go.  You will be able to use the card at any location since it’s a VISA and you will avoid any foreign transaction fees.  You won’t have to worry about people stealing your cash either.  Credit cards are more secure and if someone does steal it, you can cancel it at any time.  This is what I plan on using for any expenses during the honeymoon!

Romantic stuff

Yes, that’s my best description haha.  You don’t want to get to your hotel room and realize that you didn’t bring any special romantic items.  For these items, I’m referring to things like rose pedals, a bottle of wine, and comfy satin wear.  It will be worth it.  I’ve done my part and purchased some things to surprise my future wife.  Just go out and shop for this, you will not regret it.  Plus, your wife will love you for the effort!

The right clothing

Think long and hard about the location of your honeymoon because it will decide what you pack in your suitcase.  Don’t bother bringing things you “might need.”  Instead, focus on the things “you will need” and then if you have room pack some extra clothes.  Think about the activities you’ll be involved with.  Maybe you will be sky diving, or you may be swimming with sharks.  Bring the clothes fit for the activities.

Will you forget these things?

I sure hope not!  Don’t forget these especially important items for your honeymoon.  No more excuses, ensure that your honeymoon is one for the history books!


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