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Alternatives To Cable TV

by Redeeming Riches on April 20, 2012

I’ll be getting married in May and the subject of “cost cutting” has been on my mind lately.  I’m starting to realize how expensive marriage is.  Don’t get me wrong, marriage will be great, it’s just that there are tons of new expenses! Now, it’s two cars, two insurance payments, and grocery shopping for two.  And that’s just a short list!

One of the ways I’ve been cost cutting is getting rid of unnecessary junk in my life, including luxuries that I never use.  With moving into my new condo, I realized that there so many companies vying for my attention!  Between the maid service companies and cable TV, I feel like I’m bombarded by people who want to take my money away.

Well, I stuck it to the man again and cancelled my cable television.  I of course pay for cable internet, but the local company Time Warner was asking $50/month from me!  For watching TV like maybe one a week?!  No way jose I said.  With internet at $35/month fueling my Netflix and Hulu, there was just no reason for me to be spending that kind of money on cable TV.


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So what are the different ways you can avoid cable TV and go without sacrificing your entertainment?  Well, here are some great ideas for you and your family:

Connect a laptop to your TV

All you need is an HDMI cable and you’re off and running.  Once your laptop is hooked up to your TV, all you will need to do is go rent Red Box movies!  It’s beyond convenient and now you literally have a powerful TV station at your finger tips.  You can also do work on your big screen and not have to use small, annoying computer monitors.

Buy a TV with Netflix installed

I just found out that there are TV’s that come pre-installed with Netflix movies, how cool is that!  All you need is Wifi in the house and bam, you have instant streaming without a laptop or a DVD player.  With Netflix at $8/month, it’s really unnecessary to get cable TV.  Netflix offers all the movies you could imagine and much much more.  This is a great strategy I will incorporate into my media system someday.

Watch free TV shows through Hulu

Instead of using Netflix through your laptop, you could take your frugal self and take it one step further and watch completely free movies and shows through  While the selection is not as wide ranging at Netflix, hulu is a great choice for people who want to save the extra $8/month.  I love my Netflix so I’ll pass on this, but I can see how this is a great strategy for some people.

What do you do?

So, what’s your strategy when it comes to entertainment?  How does your system setup compare to the big cable company fees?  Share below if you have another creative way of watching TV and movies!

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