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How To Get Air Miles

by Redeeming Riches on April 26, 2012

Consumers have gained interest in getting air mile rewards, but do you know how to get air miles? Even those people who are not fond of flying collect their points to exchange for hotel stays and merchandise.  Many credit card companies give out air miles that accumulate every time owners use their cards for purchasing goods or services. In order to get the most air miles, consumers should understand how these promotions work.

Consumers should understand how their credit cards work

Credit card companies offer unique air mile programs and various steps or directions on how to get air miles. Although there are some similarities in their features, their terms and conditions for promotions are different. Credit card users should know about their company’s point system. There are merchants that have affiliations with airlines. People automatically earn points if they buy products or services from them using their cards. It is important that credit card owners know these things in order for them to prioritize where to shop. Earning enough points may help people get the trip of their dreams or some great luxury items.

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Consumers should keep themselves posted with airline loyalty programs

The Internet is available all the time. Consumers can search the web for flights and pick out the best airlines that offer the most air miles. People may get more perks like lounge access, business class check-in, priority booking and other special promotions by staying updated with these programs.

Consumers should learn how to calculate miles cash value

Consumers should know how to determine the cash value of their miles. They can come up with the answer by simply dividing the ticket price by the total miles offered.

Consumers should know the best time to use their miles

The best time to use miles is when consumers miss advanced purchase promotions. People pay very expensive prices when they buy a ticket on short notice. Using air miles at these times can help people save a lot. Another way to use air miles is for class upgrades. Most often, customers want to fly in first or business class. Seats are almost always available for these classes. However, consumers should make sure they are getting the right ticket that is eligible for an upgrade. They should confirm the upgrade at least 24 hours before their time of departure.  Remember, you must know how to get air miles to fully use your miles benefits.

Consumers should know that miles are not only redeemable for flights

The value of points has decreased over the years. Many loyalty programs have increased the required number of air miles needed in order to qualify for certain levels of redemption. Because of this, many consumers find it hard to accumulate the points required for flights and use them to get other products instead. Miles can actually be used to get gift certificates for gas or other goods. With this, consumers can use miles to help lower their daily expenses. In addition, consumers may exchange miles for magazine subscriptions, movie packages and restaurant gift certificates. They may even use them to help cover appliance and electronics purchases.

Many consumers find it very beneficial to use their miles for other products and services rather than flights. Doing so saves them from the fees and taxes that may come along with flight redemption. There are also many limitations in travel options when they use their miles for flights.

Consumers can trade 30 air miles for a Blockbuster video rental, 400 miles for a $50 HBC gift card, 225 air miles for a $25 Staples gift card, 180 air miles for 12 issues of Reader’s Digest and 75 air miles for 2 car washes at Shell. Using this option for redemption allows consumers to redeem their points even if they have not accumulated that many. Flight redemption requirements are sometimes difficult to meet.

Consumers can actually donate their miles

Consumers who have many air miles should consider donating some of them to charity although they may know how to get air miles and lots of them. These air miles gradually lose their value every year. With this, it is best to donate them to those who need them badly. Their value may be doubled or tripled when donated.

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