Saving Money on Energy Costs

by Redeeming Riches on May 11, 2012

Gas and electricity can cost more than other expenses in a household if some things are not done to control the costs. You can use simple solutions to save money on energy costs. These solutions will require making some lifestyle changes.

Make Small Adjustments

Sometimes the changes will require you to change to way you heat or cool the home. Electricity or gas heat can cost an extravagant amount if no consideration is shown in conserving the heat or cool air in the home. By changing the thermostat by just a degree or two, it can help save several dollars each month.

Install Insulated Shades

Another solution to keep the heat and cool air inside the home is to install insulated curtains or shades. The curtains can be opened on warm days to allow the sun to heat the home, but at night when the sun has went down, they can be closed to hold the heat inside and keep the cool air outside. In addition, insulated windows or energy efficient windows will also help cut the heating and air cost.

Unblock Vents Around the House

The heating and cooling vents should be open and not blocked by furniture so the air can flow freely. Anytime the air is prevented from entering a room, it will be a waste of energy. In addition, another thing to consider is how well the home is insulated. A well-insulated home will protect the home from the elements. By managing the airflow, the thermostat and the windows, energy costs can be cut and money can be saved.

Be Sparring With Hot Water

Using hot water can make energy costs go up, and if a faucet is continually dripping hot water, the electrical or gas bill can increase. Therefore, to save money, fix dripping faucets and make sure to turn off the faucets after each use to conserve energy.

Maximize Use of Appliances

Washing machines, dishwashers and clothes dryers all use a lot of energy to operate. To save money when using these items, set these appliances on the economy setting. When possible, use cold water instead of hot water to save even more money. Newer appliances can now be bought with the energy star energy efficient ratings to help them cost less to operate.

Go the Extra Mile With Good Light Bulbs

To help save on electricity, consider changing all the light bulbs in the home to energy-saving light bulbs. These bulbs will last longer than ordinary ones and save money at the same time. In addition to changing the bulbs, switching off the lights when leaving the room can lower energy costs as well. Other electrical items such as televisions and computers should be turned off when not in use. When these items are left on standby, they are still using electricity. Saving money is easy when an individual is willing to make changes to the home environment.


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