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Making Your Business More Energy Efficient

by Guest on May 17, 2012

If you own a business, the chances are that efficiency never strays far from your mind. You’re always looking at how much everything costs and wonder if there’s any way to save money. Perhaps one of the biggest expenses any business faces is energy. At this moment in time, energy bills seem to be rising at a pace which leaves many business people alarmed at the costs they face, and as a result, some are wondering what can be done to reduce the bills.

If your business has looked into those schemes and found them too complicated to try and take part in, there is another way of trying to reduce the cost of your energy bills. By visiting, you could get all the help you need in trying to reduce the amount of money you’re spending on gas and electricity, whether it’s through changing suppliers or through negotiating a better deal with your current one.

Research recently conducted by campaigners shows that, in order to change supplier, many business customers have to do so through a ‘renewal window’, as many businesses are locked into deals which last up to three years. This has proved incredibly frustrating for a number of people, especially as a number of businesses weren’t aware of the window existing in the first place. Meanwhile, just 20% of the 750 businesses contacted remember actually getting a renewal letter.

As businesses pay fixed price tariffs for between 1 and 3 years, it’s important to get the cheapest deal possible. A quick visit to will help you to find a great value deal on your energy.


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