July 2012

7 Tips to Sell Your Home in a Soft Market

Personal Finance
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The economy is gradually improving since the housing meltdown of a few years ago. The one area that seems to be the exception to the rule is housing. This is especially true if you’re trying to sell your home. You’re competing with lower priced foreclosures and short sales, against a backdrop of fewer qualified buyers. […]

Understanding The Costs of Care Helps You Plan Your Parent’s Future


We understand the importance of saving for a rainy day. How about saving for those days that include not only rain, but a tornado, hurricane and earthquake? When caregiving for an aging parent begins, it can feel like your world has become one natural disaster after another. A parent requires care after a debilitating stroke […]

Creating a Budget Plan

Personal Finance

Now, more than ever, individuals and families are working to keep an eye on their finances. At the end of the month, if they are still short on cash and need to pay a few bills, it becomes imperative that they figure out how much money came in, how much went out and where the […]

How to Go to College Without Using Student Loans

School Loans
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Student loan debt is at record levels and promising to go even higher. The sad fact is that the typical middle class family can no longer afford the six figure price tag of a college education on a five figure income. Student loans are being taken to fill the gap. The average student debt load […]

Seeing is Believing!

Personal Finance

There has never been a more opportune time to buy frames and lenses for prescription eyewear online. By going online customers are saving time, money, and energy in comparison to the long lines and sometimes extensive waiting periods of bricks and mortar eyewear establishments. Aside from attaining a prescription, why bother with purchasing frames and […]

50 Of The Best Debt Quotes To Live By


Sometimes it’s encouraging to hear a few inspirational quotes about debt or personal finance.  When it comes to debt, it can be particularly discouraging, especially when you keep finding yourself getting into more debt.  So before you swipe that credit card or apply for a new line of credit, read through a few of these […]

First Time Buyers

Estate Planning

According to property and money savings sites such as Zoopla, property prices are dropping drastically and recent research has shown that now is the best time to buy a house rather than continue renting. Latest figures have shown that the average cost of owning and maintaining a home is $429.000 over 50 years. On the […]

Basics of Full Coverage Auto Insurance


Full coverage auto insurance is an industry term used for coverage protection against physical damages to your vehicle and generally the insurance policy includes liability for collision and comprehensive incidents. The reason most drivers carry full coverage insurance is to repair damages or cover the cost of replacement for a vehicle. If you are shopping […]

Are You Eating Your Retirement For Lunch?

Personal Finance
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There are expenses you have to pay in connection with your job; no one calculates them unless they decide to do a comparison analysis that might support a work-at-home situation or a move to self-employment, but they’re there and they’re real. Some, like commuting costs, are fixed—they are what they are and you can’t do […]

Are We Storing Too Much Treasure on Earth?

True Wealth

This is a personal finance blog, which is a place we spend a lot of time talking about money. But it’s also a Christian site, and as important as we acknowledge money to be, this is also a good place to step back in put money into proper perspective. As Christians, our view of money […]