50 Of The Best Debt Quotes To Live By

by Redeeming Riches on July 16, 2012

Sometimes it’s encouraging to hear a few inspirational quotes about debt or personal finance.  When it comes to debt, it can be particularly discouraging, especially when you keep finding yourself getting into more debt.  So before you swipe that credit card or apply for a new line of credit, read through a few of these debt quotes to curb your need to go into debt.

50 Debt Quotes That Will Change Your Life

  1. It’s easy to run up a credit card balance but it’s impossible to run from the bill that follows.
  2. With every promise a debt is made and with every debt a promise is made.
  3. Before thinking about borrowing money from a friend, decide what is more important the friendship or the money.
  4. The devil gets paid every time a church owes a debt.
  5. If you think nobody notices if you are alive or not, just stop paying a couple of bills.
  6. Wouldn’t it be great if married couples were as deeply in love as what they are in debt?
  7. It’s illogical to believe that anyone can ever borrow their way out of debt.
  8. Besides a true friend the only person that sticks by your side when the chips are down is a bill collector.
  9. Happiness is not measured by wealth and fame but by peace of mind and hard work.
  10. Being in debt is like being in love – the ball’s always in somebody else’s court.
  11. Sometimes it’s better to go to bed hungry then wake up in debt.
  12. The person who never has enough money to pay back their debts obviously has too much of everything else.
  13. Just because someone is pre-approved for credit it doesn’t mean that they have to apply for it.
  14. Small debts are like small caliber bullets; they rattle around in the body for a while and they cannot escape without leaving a bullet wound.
  15. The worst thing you can do to help somebody out is loan them money that they cannot pay back.
  16. Nobody’s credit will ever be worth as much as the money that he has in his pocket.
  17. Buying on an installment plan seems to make the months a lot shorter but the years a lot longer.
  18. Many people seem to think that the good times consist of making debts that have to be paid back in the bad times.
  19. When a small debt is owed it is considered a creditor; when a big debt is owed it is considered an enemy.
  20. It takes just as much thought and ingenuity to create a debt as it does to create an income.
  21. The only way to get a bank loan is to prove that you did not need it in the first place.
  22. Debt is really just simple math. No matter how much you want or need it – you can either afford it or you can’t.
  23. Paying back interest is against some people’s principle while others it seems like it is against their interest to pay back the principle.
  24. If someone owes you a dollar they see it as their problem; but if they owe you a million dollars they see it as your problem.
  25. The happiest-go-lucky person in the world can turn into the most mean spirited person by just adding debt.
  26. Would everybody pay off their debts in time if they pretend God wrote the bill?
  27. Many people use half of their imagination and energy getting into debt and the other half trying to figure out how to get out of debt.
  28. Many people believe that their lives are disheveled by hard times, but creditors are ruined by hard times.
  29. A garden cannot grow without sunshine or rain but the interest on debts can grow without it.
  30. The holiday season is the only time of year when it is acceptable to buy gifts with next year’s earnings.
  31. If being is debt is considered normal; it is probable better to be considered abnormal.
  32. Many people do not realize that the true meaning of “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” really means “don’t spend any money that you haven’t made yet”.
  33. Everybody has a vice or two. The second vice is usually lying and the first vice is collecting debt.
  34. Being in debt is the biggest trap there is. It is really easy to get tangled up in it, but it is almost impossible to get out of.
  35. If you are constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul wouldn’t it be smart to just pay off Paul and stop borrowing from him?
  36. Everybody believes that slavery has been abolished – until they owe a debt.
  37. In today’s society there are three different types of people. There are the ones that have; the ones that have-not and the ones that have but haven’t paid for it yet.
  38. Wherever there’s a debt there’s a lie that is not too far behind.
  39. Debt is just another word for the chains and whips that are controlled by the creditor.
  40. The only time a debt is fun is when they are being acquired. None of the debts are fun anymore when it comes time to pay them back.
  41. The only person that can face the world head-on is the person who is free of debt.
  42. Never get use to looking at a debt as just an inconvenience; because then it becomes too convenient to take out another loan.
  43. One way to look at the national debt is “why worry about it”. Future generations are just going to inherit it anyway.
  44. As a general rule, anybody that is deep in debt also has a problem with clutter from impulsive shopping.
  45. A home is no longer peaceful and worry-free if it was built on borrowing and debt.
  46. The more a person buys what they want today; it will not be long before they are selling what they need to pay for it.
  47. An overbearing mortgage can bring storm clouds to even the sunniest yard.
  48. There are a few things that everybody has more of then what they know – sins, enemies and debts.
  49. It’s foolish to think that a loan is a solution to a problem; it’s really just a new problem to worry about.
  50. A credit score has a lot in common with a slot machine. It’s great to see the credits gained continue to rise but if you gamble with it too much you can lose it all.

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