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by Redeeming Riches on July 18, 2012

There has never been a more opportune time to buy frames and lenses for prescription eyewear online. By going online customers are saving time, money, and energy in comparison to the long lines and sometimes extensive waiting periods of bricks and mortar eyewear establishments. Aside from attaining a prescription, why bother with purchasing frames and lenses from stores like LensCrafters and For Eyes? The same or greater quality in eyewear technology can be attained online. Did you know that a durable pair of frames and lenses can cost as little as seven dollars? Yes, this means frames and lenses tailored specifically to particular eyes, head shapes, aesthetics, and prescriptions. Let’s explore some options.

Zenni Optical
Zenni Optical meets the customer as an easily navigable online eyewear retailer. The search engine on the home page is highly intuitive and sensible. The customer is able to stipulate the type of glasses s/he’s looking for upfront in addition to the general shape and physical composition of the frames. Past frames, the customer may refine the search even further by selecting single vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses. The great thing about Zenni Optical is that all frame prices include both lenses at no additional charge. This means that a pair of frames costing seven or twelve dollars will be seven or twelve dollars at checkout, with the lenses! Most pair of glasses advertised on the site range from six to twenty four dollars. Before checkout a customer may also decide to increase the tint or UV protection offered by particular models. A word of advice: make sure to obtain an inter-pupillary distance measure from one’s optometrist before going on Zenni Optical to search for optimal and affordable eyewear. Inter-pupillary distance is simply the distance from the bridge of the nose to the center of each pupil, but many customers overlook this detail of their prescriptions.

1-800 Contacts 

This site has an impressive array of eyewear offerings. As the name would imply, 1-800 Contacts features thousands of contacts that vary in color, softness, time of disposal, and type of application (e.g., bifocal). This site appears to have affiliations with every trusted contact provider around the globe. Acuvue and Bausch and Lomb are especially prominent affiliates. At any rate, 1-800 Contacts not only has superb customer service, which can even arrange eye exams, but it offers free shipping! For virtually every type of eye condition, from astigmatism to lenses requiring bifocal adjustments, 1-800 Contacts presents a sensible avenue to take for reliable and affordable contacts. From the outset 1-800 Contacts’ website showcases an easy-to-use layout. From the bottom of the home page one simply selects the desirable genre of contact lenses, such as those for astigmatic customers, and 1-800 Contacts outfits the customer with numerous companies, colors, and disposability features to choose from. For instance, one may select a brand of plain color Bausch and Lomb one month disposables from this sub-page. For an affordable and dependable online contact lens provider, 1-800 Contacts is difficult to beat.

In summation, while both featured websites boast highly customizable search results and intuitive layouts, 1-800 Contacts presents perhaps the most comprehensive and dependable inventory of contact lenses anywhere on the web.

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