August 2012

How Best to Approach Your Bank for Start-Up Capital

Personal Finance

Approaching a bank for startup capital can be a very intimidating process. Banks have become very cautious about lending money, and an aspiring business owner will need to know how to approach the bank in a manner that will make them feel comfortable about granting a loan. There are three things that you should do […]

Save on Entertainment Costs and Play Free Online Games


Taking care of your cash and not getting into debt is an important topic these days and with a little thought and organisation you can arrange your budget to ensure you do not fall into the debt trap. We understand the necessity of saving for a rainy day and not incurring debt and would suggest […]

Types of Business Insurance You Will Need To Consider


This article was written by AXA Insurance, get your business covered today! If you are thinking about starting a new business, there are a range of factors to consider to ensure that you provide yourself with the best chances of success. In addition to the product or service that you have decided to offer, you […]

Are Life Insurance Proceeds Always Tax Free?


Life insurance can be a great idea for when you want to make sure your family will be protected in the case of accidental or untimely death. However, it is important to be aware of whether or not your loved ones will be penalized tax-wise when accepting the proceeds of your insurance benefits. Most life […]

How to Avoid Paying PMI


Private mortgage insurance or PMI is an insurance policy issued by private insurance companies for the benefit of the lender. If the borrower’s home goes into a foreclosure and selling the home cannot recuperate the loan’s outstanding balance, the private insurance company that issued the PMI will recompense the lending company with the difference. Typically, […]

Taking Care of Your Cash on Business Trips


You might know a bit about saving money while travelling for leisure, but what are the rules for business travel? Unfortunately going on a business trip isn’t nearly as enjoyable as boarding the plane with a loved one, but it is up to you to find time to enjoy the local sights and explore the […]

Being Debt Free is Achievable


Getting into debt is something that many of us fear, not least because of the problems associated with paying it back in full. Whether it’s because you needed to replace a broken appliance, pay off a mortgage or simply needed to borrow in order to help cover the costs of essentials like food, water, electricity […]