September 2012

What is Mortgage Insurance?


Mortgage insurance, unlike many other products in this market, has a fairly straightforward name.  For most people, the mortgage payment is the most significant monthly outgoing.  While all regular bills require payment if legal action is to be avoided, the mortgage also carries the extra weight of facilitating one of the three basics of survival, […]

Protection for Future Finances

Personal Finance

Looking after the family’s finances might not be uppermost in many people’s thoughts, but have you ever wondered how they would cope if you or your partner were to pass away?  One option would be to look into quick online loans.  However there are other ways to protect yourself!   There’s a number of things […]

How To Prepare For The Coming Inflation Period


As many economists have been predicting, a major inflation period is coming. Most people in this country are already on tight budgets. However, the coming inflation will require consumers to be even more clever about how they spend their money. Although this news is disheartening, there are several ways to cut expenses without living like […]

Best Ways to Save Money on your Mobile Phone Bill

Personal Finance

How much money is your phone costing you? No, really, how much? Many of us simply have it on a direct debit so we never truly appreciate the impact it’s having on our bank balance. So it’s time to get real and get in control of your mobile bill. Are you using what you pay […]