November 2012

Confused by Your Retirement Plan? You’re Not Alone

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Retirement plans are confusing the world over! Recent research shows that the British public are confused by them too, confirming the idea that wherever you live, pensions are difficult. However, this is no reason for apathy! Find out all you can and start your retirement plan as soon as possible to ensure a comfortable future. […]

The Best Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping 2012

Credit Cards

The holiday shopping season seems to sneak up on us practically every year. It seems like just yesterday that everyone you know was in a mad rush to get their holiday shopping done. In the excitement of the holiday season, however, many people forget to do a little financial research that could end up saving […]

Use Debt to your Advantage


Debt is deemed to us as ‘a bad thing.’ However, when we use debt correctly it can be a driving force in getting a home or a new car. Having debt is not all bad, and here are some useful ways we can use debt to our advantage. Debt Management An expert in debt management […]

The Federal Reserve and Quantitative Easing

Personal Finance

Now US elections are out of the way, time for FX traders to focus on the most powerful man in America right now: prof. Ben Bernanke. As head of the US Federal Reserve he is the real master of the markets since his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, left the institution in 2006. Fed policy is what […]

Should You Work With a Debt Settlement Company?

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If you’re facing overwhelming debt, turning to a debt settlement company may seem like an easy way out. Their ads often promise to settle your debt for less than you owe by negotiating with your creditors.[1] In reality, these companies often do their customers more harm than good. Understanding the basics of how debt settlement […]