December 2012

Should Christians Sell Everything They Have?

True Wealth

Do you ever get the sense, as a Christian, that you should sell everything you have, give it to the poor, then live a life of swearing off money and materialism? There’s plenty of support for that kind of life in the Bible, and especially in the New Testament. And it does seem as if […]

Do We Try Too Hard When It Comes to Money?

Personal Finance

There was, is and probably always will be a tremendous tension for Christians when it comes to money. I think we’re in one of those times in history where the tension is greater than usual, probably much greater. Perhaps it’s because we have TV and the media, investing and the internet, and the perceived necessities […]

Career Options in Economic Crime Management

Personal Finance

Earning a masters degree in economic crime management helps prepare you for various careers in law enforcement, security and investigation. Types of economic crimes include identity theft, Internet fraud, money laundering, and white-collar, corporate or business-related crimes. This professional educational program can be completed in two years, and will provide you with the knowledge, skills, […]

How Residential Construction Suppliers Can Expand their Business


People who sell in bulk to industry builders might consider ways to retail their raw materials to average consumers. As it turns out, many amateurs like to build their own sheds and even dog houses. Some people want to improve their lawn through their own ingenuity. Small structures do not require a license in many […]

Will the Fiscal Cliff Reduce Mortgage Rates?


No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, everyone can agree that it’s nice to have the elections behind us. No one likes uncertainty, least of all investors — and that means homebuyers as well. That said, there’s a new question looming in all of our heads at this point — what’s going to […]

You Can Save Money on Home and Car Insurance


You’re no different than anyone else. You want to save money. Period. On anything you can. Others will tell you how to save on decorating or television services or even buying groceries. But there also are ways to save on auto and home insurance without scrimping on coverage. That means if you do have trouble, […]

How to Buy General Liability Insurance

Personal Finance

General liability insurance is often necessary for a small company. This type of insurance coverage assists in protecting the owners and the business assets. A liability insurance policy covers business liabilities that may otherwise be directed at the company owners and employees. General liability insurance says that the company is protected against any third party […]

How to Make a Success of Work at Home


Many people would like a work-at-home arrangement. It can offer a better blend of work and personal life, and even give you more time in your workweek. The time you gain is a result of not needing to commute every morning and afternoon. And this also saves money and commuting expense, such as gas and […]

Will Saving 10% of Your Income Be Enough to Retire?


As human beings we like numbers, especially round ones. If I want to plan for retirement, don’t give me a lot of charts and graphs, just give me a percentage that I need to save. A common percentage is 10%. It’s simple. It seems doable. And if you’re a Christian, it matches the tithe, so […]

Use Coupons to Save Money

Saving Money

Saving money while shopping for clothing, groceries and even home decor can help you reduce the amount you are spending on a daily, monthly or even on an annual basis. If you are interested in saving even more each time you shop and you are seeking new methods of doing so, ensuring you are putting […]

Saving Tips When Saving For A Mortgage

Estate Planning

Purchasing a home is one of the largest milestones that many could make in their life. Having the money for down payment, closing costs and other incidentals can seem daunting when looking at the total amount of money. With a few tips and tricks, saving for a home purchase can be done. With patience and […]