How to Find the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer

by Guest on December 4, 2012

Choosing the best bankruptcy attorney for yourself is like choosing the best medical doctor to treat you for an ailment. Like attorneys, all doctors have to have the basic education and training to qualify for the job. However, not all doctors can listen and communicate well with their patients. Similarly, not all attorneys have the ability to listen to their client’s needs and provide the services you require for your special circumstances.

Choosing the Best Bankruptcy Attorney for You

When choosing a bankruptcy attorney that will meet your needs, there are several options you can start with. Most communities have lawyer referral services. These are services that attorneys sign up for, usually through the local bar association, stating their desired areas of practice. This is a good method of narrowing down the pool of possibilities. Similarly, you can turn to the phone book or on-line listings of attorneys in your area that practice primarily in bankruptcy.  If you turn online, try searching for a few different phrases according to your location.  For example, if you lived in California, you might search for San Diego Bankruptcy as well as San Diego Bankruptcy Attorneys.  This variation will help you to find all attorneys in the area.

Once you obtain this list of possibilities, you will want to ask your friends and family members for recommendations. Perhaps you know somebody that has gone through this procedure and could tell you what they thought about their own attorney’s representation. Having been through the process, they might have witnessed other lawyers’ performance in court and been impressed (or not) with their actions.

After you have narrowed your options to a handful of possibilities (say 3 or 4), you should schedule in-person appointments with each of these prospective attorneys. This will be your opportunity to interview the person who will be assisting you through this difficult period and possibly even fighting for your financial future. This is the person who will have to get to know you and your personal finances, and the person you will have to work closely with for several months, possibly years. So you should examine this attorney and his or her office from the initial contact. Is his staff polite and respectful? Does he offer free first consultation? Is the lawyer personable and someone you can feel comfortable working with?

Most importantly, you have to consider whether this attorney seems to genuinely have your best interests in mind or if they are simply a “bankruptcy-mill.” The decision to even file bankruptcy is a very important one, affecting your financial decisions and independence for years to come. You need to find a attorney who will adequately explain your options and risks.

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