February 2013

The First Time Investor’s Guide


So you’re looking to jump into the world of investing. Congratulations. As anyone will know following the financial downturn of 2007-2008, investing is not an activity for the timid. Sure you can make great gains in the financial world, as Gordon Gekko will whisper in your ear, but investing can lead to great loss and […]

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Late Payments

Personal Finance

Everyone has important bills to pay, whether it is a homeowner, a manager of an organisation or a client. And just as we all rely on receiving our wage on time, it is vitally important that invoices are responded to and money is transferred by the stated date. Failure to do so will open you […]

What You Should Know about Payday Loans


Nowadays it is hard to find a person who has never heard of payday loans and really the majority of people living from paycheck to paycheck applied for this service at least once. Unfortunately, life is not really easy and sometimes it brings about complications and they are always unexpected and often unpleasant. Much less […]

Marvelous Apps to Help you Balance Credit Cards


So you use your smartphone for online shopping, but how about to balance your credit card? As more and more people today are spending with a click of a button (or swipe of a screen) on their mobile devices, they are also increasingly falling into credit card debt. Thankfully, all is not lost. A number […]

How Can I Save Money On Life Insurance?


I see a lot of advertisement for life insurance nowadays. I see them on TV, I see them outside through those huge billboards and even here on the Information Highway, you will, sometimes, stumble upon ads and sites that have advertisements about life insurance and telling people they need to have life insurance policies especially […]