Marvelous Apps to Help you Balance Credit Cards

by Redeeming Riches on February 6, 2013

So you use your smartphone for online shopping, but how about to balance your credit card? As more and more people today are spending with a click of a button (or swipe of a screen) on their mobile devices, they are also increasingly falling into credit card debt.

Thankfully, all is not lost. A number of savvy software developers have come up with some crazy wicked mobile apps to help you balance your credit cards. Here is a selection:

Your bank’s app

Let’s start with the basics. If you want to know the amount of your next payment and your overall outstanding balance, you can’t go past your own bank’s app. Virtually all banks that want to stay up to date with their customers will have an app and best of all, most of them are free to download!

For example, Australian bank Westpac has an app called “Westpac Mobile Banking”. Using this app, one can view their balance, see past transactions, transfer money, pay bills, access tools and calculators, and more. This would be especially useful if you have a Westpac balance transfer account you want to be monitoring.

Simple Budget ($1.99)

Unlike many apps out there today, this app is really as easy as it sounds. Every day, you simple enter in your spending as it happens. Once this exceeds your target budget for the day (which you will have entered in advance), it will show that you are below the line and should therefore stop spending. Simple indeed!

Bludget ($0.99)

This app is like an expanded version of Simple Budget (see above), in that it breaks down your expenditures even more, giving you a clear indication of where your money may unknowingly be going. Once you identify your key areas of overspending, you can cut back and thus save more to balance your credit cards!

Credit Card Debt ($0.99)

“A whole app dedicated to paying off your credit card debt,” you ask? Why not? This handy little app requires a bit of fiddling, but once you enter your details in, it will lay out a clear picture of your payoff plan. Best of all, you can choose between the two most common ways of paying off your debt: the high interest or snowball method!

balance credit cards

DebtTracker Pro ($2.99, but free for Lite version)

This app is widely acclaimed for the ease at which it enables you to keep track of your debt.  Using the snowball system, it gives you a recommended payment amount each month for each of your accounts, which you can view side by side. DebtTracker Pro also lets you set reminders as well as see the total balance of all your accounts.

SplashMoney – Personal Finance Manager ($5.49)

If you’d prefer one app to organize both your budgeting and credit card accounts, SplashMoney may be for you. To help you budget, SplashMoney allows you to set up a budget and then draws graphs to represent your spending. For your credit card accounts, it connects wirelessly to your online bank, downloading transactions directly so you always have an accurate, visual picture of your finances. How handy!

Author bio: Joy Chan is a media student and freelance writer who is interested in personal finance and business. She is trying to save money (like us all) and has recently been investigating Westpac balance transfer accounts.

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