March 2013

Advantages of International Banking


Over the years, the world economy has witnessed an increase in the number of people using international banking services, particularly travelers and businessmen. Traveling purpose aside, you will require a certain amount of money to manage your trip and related expenses. An aggressive entrepreneur can capitalize on services offered by international banks that often transpire […]

Leave Emotions Out Of Forex Trading


When it comes to the possibility of making money, it is easy to see why so many people can get caught up in the excitement and adventure of a Forex trade. The thing is though, if you are genuinely serious about making money through Forex trading, it is important that you are able to leave […]

Ten Ways to Increase Your Income at Work

Making Money

Talk of increasing your income usually centers on finding a new job or starting your own business. But what if you really have no interest in starting your own business, or if there are no jobs available in your field? What if you just like the job you have, and want to do what you […]

Cutting Expenses Where You Can

Personal Finance

A lot of people seem to be obsessed with money savings. This is actually understandable since people usually live within the limits of their financial means and do spend what they’ve got. Therefore, at the end of the year it is likely that the person earning $40,000 does not necessarily have more money left in […]

Why You Shouldn’t Hold Company Stock in Your 401(k)

Retirement Planning

Holding your company’s stock in your 401(k) plan seems to be a natural fit on the surface. Many people do hold company stock in their retirement plans, if only because the employer match may be provided by the stock. If you’re contributing say 6% of your annual income to your 401(k) plan, and your employer […]

Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Retirement Planning

When it comes to retirement planning, everyone focuses mostly on building up the largest retirement savings nest egg they can. But there’s more to preparing for retirement than just building up a large retirement portfolio. Just as important is avoiding common mistakes that can sabotage the best intended retirement savings plan. Here are just a […]

IRS Gives Delinquent Taxpayers a Fresh Start


As tax day rapidly approaches, countless Americans are scrambling to determine how much they may have to pay and what deductions may be available to them. This can be a particularly troublesome period for those who are delinquent on their taxes. However, these individuals now have a chance to deal with the issue of unpaid […]

Conference Room Rental Options

Saving Money

Organizations that lack for meeting or conference space need to be able to think on their feet when it becomes critical to find a meeting room soon. In a pinch, the public library might be the answer. There, meeting rooms can be rented for as little as five dollars per hour. The added benefit is […]