Conference Room Rental Options

by Redeeming Riches on March 1, 2013

Organizations that lack for meeting or conference space need to be able to think on their feet when it becomes critical to find a meeting room soon. In a pinch, the public library might be the answer. There, meeting rooms can be rented for as little as five dollars per hour. The added benefit is that copiers and research materials are always close at hand. Other places to consider are the local chamber of commerce, and the Country business development office. Often business owners can find support services available at these places. After all, that is what they are chartered to do.

New and unique meeting spaces can liven up an otherwise dull meeting. Creative ideas for interesting meeting venues have the effect of improving attendance and enhancing enthusiasm of conference attendees. Recently, new startup businesses have sprung up offering a way to gain access to the abundance of underused meeting space that exists in most large regional markets. These nimble little companies maintain databases of organizations willing to sub-let space by the day or by the hour. They make their money by matching up buyers and sellers of such space.

The traditional methods of obtaining meeting space on short notice include rental office suites that can provide everything from cubical space to conference rooms with such amenities as networked computers, administrative support, and mini kitchens for coffee breaks. With the help of these services, any organization can meet with clients and associates in a genuine corporate environment. For a premium, the client company can in many cases have their name listed on signage in the lobby and their visitors can be greeted by a friendly receptionist.

For those in need of space needed to accommodate just a few attendees it is sometimes possible to use the facilities provided by some of the larger local hotels. They often make conference rooms available to the public in the same manner as the ballrooms they rent out for weddings and similar events. These conference rooms vary in size and frequently have movable walls allowing for adjustments in terms of the amount of space needed. For very small gatherings, there is no good reason why meeting planners cannot consider the actual hotel lobby. Sometimes this venue is simply perfect for the intended purpose, as hotels tend to be very quiet during business hours. Anyone considering using the hotel lobby for a meeting should schedule it just after prime checkout time.

Finally, business people have been meeting in restaurants, coffee houses, catering halls, and extravagant locations like meeting venues in Hong Kong for centuries. Depending on the nature of the meeting, this type of venue can be ideal. For award presentations, training sessions, interviews, and certain types of board meetings, one cannot find a more appropriate place to get together. For other types of business including such functions as legal depositions, property closings, mock juries, and many kinds of personal interviews, a food service type of venue is not the ideal location to choose. Renting temporary meeting space shouldn’t be hard. Armed with the right information, and a bit of creative thinking, anyone can book the perfect meeting room they need.

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